hair! it’s growing!
she knows. when people come over, you offer them espresso.
We left a side bowl of the egg dish, prepped without eggs 🙂
Mornings like this make me love my life, my home, and my family just a little bit more. Something as simple as a small family meal together can do so much for our week. With summer practically here, we’ve been able to start having an extra day together and an extra hour together in the morning. One hour a day to spend together can make all the difference.
Potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, served under broiled eggs. (Vegan) arepas my mom made the night before. Bread, always bread. And avocado, always avocado. Guava jelly. And a bowl of blueberries, because, why not? Easy. Besides the bread, maybe a thirty minute meal to prepare and a long time to enjoy. Alex’s grandfather (Marlowe’s “grand-papa”) and my mother joined us, creating a very spanglish morning for all of us. A Skype date is already planned for when she arrives back home to Massachusetts tonight. We’ll miss her. We already do. I love these mornings, they create peaceful days.


  1. I don't usually comment, but I have to say… your posts lately have been just RADIATING happiness, it's so wonderful to see! So happy for all of you <3

  2. I normally just stop by check out your current pictures and how you and your darling daughter are doing but I loved this post so much I had to say something. It is so wonderful to see you so happy! you can tell by the pictures the joy you are feeling in your life. Im so happy for you!

  3. i don't know why, but this is probably one of my favorite posts. it radiates happiness and family!

  4. Wow, your brunch looks to die for. I never get tired of looking at your cute house and good foo. Has anyone ever told you your man looks like that actor who was Sylar in Heros and is also Spok in Star Trek? LOL

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

    • all.the.time. especially when heroes was big. oh my god all the time. 🙂

  5. Aaawwww beautiful family photos. Love the photo of your partner kissing your daughter. :))

  6. glad i found your blog! all your food looks yummy and im from south florida too and my family lives in west palm!

  7. You never fail to make me hungry!! Your posts all always so bright & sunny – i neeeed some sun!


  8. I have loved following along with you on your journey and these photos really touched my heart. I am so happy for the three of you, for the love you have fought so hard for. Bless you and your family.

    • Thank you Olivia 🙂 You've always known, I think you're the sweetest 🙂

  9. What utterly beautiful photos Drea. There is so much light and love and beauty.

  10. that brunch looks amazing! your blog inspires me to eat more brunch 🙂

    oh yeah, and you, your mom, and marlowe are such beauties.

  11. That photo of Alex and Marlowe took my breath away. It is such a joy to me as a reader to see you all sharing life together after all that you've been through. It is a beautiful story of TRUE love… love always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. You guys clearly have a very special and deep and abiding love for one another that is evident in the life you are creating together. Many blessings, Drea. <3