We checked out the Mai Kai last week for dinner and a show. I had this spot on my South Florida Drink Guide, but now I’ll totally be adding it to my Eat Guide too. While the food isn’t exactly top notch, it’s decent for a place that sits 600 people (that’s A LOT of food!)…. and really, who cares about the food when you’re sipping on barrels of rum (with fresh squeezed juices and homemade syrups) and watching people twirl fire around in the air. It was a ridiculous night. An absolutely ridiculously cheesy time warp blast of a night. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to not take things too seriously. If your veg or vegan, ask for the vegetarian menu, because the regular menu is a vegetarians nightmare. We made friends with the table next to us, because the same way the tables are set up, make for awkward nights otherwise. And we made sure to pick up some Hawaiian stuff for M and two mugs for ourselves at the gift shop— yes, doesn’t every restaurant have a gift shop? Heh. On the way home we stopped at another spot, that I’ll be also adding to my Drink Guide. I debated about it before, but after our last visit, it totally deserves recognition. A little pricey, but it’s a really nice spot to grab a drink. Sitting at the bar instead of a table was the right choice. My brother recommended the Whiskey Ultimatum— I tried it, it was delicious.  For my second drink, I told them what I like and told them to make something nice. I believe they came back with a French Quarter— but I’m not sure, but I do know it was light, not overly sweet (phew) and delicious. So fun to enjoy fancy drinks together in a dark bar, it makes me want to buy swizzle sticks and actually put something better than my sparkle paper covered boxed wine on my liquor bar 🙂  I need more date nights in my life. The last one we had was our staycation, all the way back in January. That’s almost three months ago! And before that, maybe october? Jeez. This last one was so ridiculous, it might hold me over for a while, but I’m still looking forward to summer. More date nights or bust. 
**also, three months ago, on the staycation, I was attempting the no poo method to combat the awfulness that was/is my hair with the hard-water in my new house. I didn’t get very far, which is a-okay with me. This past week I ordered and tried this hard water shampoo…. holy crap, my hair is human again. This hard water hair kit is such a life saver. Best thing in the world. And amazingly, still vegan and sulfite-free. A-maz-ing. 


  1. With the shampoo, I saw in the comments above that foaming agents don't work on your hair. I've just switched to a great Jason shampoo, I suffer from really dry hair, but as it doesn't foam I find I end up sometimes missing parts of my hair and when it dries there ends up still being greasy parts… have you ever had this problem? It drives me crazy. I've also tried a shampoo bar which was a complete disaster. Who knew a good shampoo could be so hard to find, I almost get tempted to go back to the chemical filled bottles which made my hair so silky smooth with every wash 🙁

    • I liked it the first time. And was meh about it the second time. I was like, eh I probably won't go back. But it seemed like a good option on the way home from lauderdale so we tried it again, and I was much happier this time around. I would do it again, if I'm in that area.

    • I loved shampoo bars in my old home, but this time around I can't really use anything like that— foaming agents seem to make the problem 100 times worse. And I do like tea tree oil.. it was the most recent shampoo I tried before this hard water stuff… smelled good… failed on my hair. Either way, I was more doing no poo to try to fix the hard water mess my hair was in… not to get rid of shampoos really.. cause I really like the products I'm using. We're pretty natural round these parts 🙂

    • It was a hysterical night indeed! The table in front of us, that we were facing was ridiculous. The old (raunchy) man had his iPhone screen maximized huge… and boy were his texts ridiculous.