beach days are back.
(suit: american apparel)
we’ve been making midnight cocktails.
(maybe we need a proper cocktail mixer)
(we have uniforms in this house. this is his. mine is a bralette and soft cotton highwaisted shorts… aka best outfit ever.)
so excited for matching mama and kiddo necklaces from the golden tooth.
quartz is for energy and thought.
mama meal & kiddo meal. baked breaded eggplant that we made it together, every step of the way. gotta keep it fun.
french fry (and salad) dates with my big girl.
little girl dates. the mamas have a good time too. this is the only home I day-drink in.
tutu adventures.


  1. I love the name of this post! And wonderful photos of your recently enjoyed things 🙂


  2. Marlowe is so cute and I mean that. 😉 Also I'm a long time lurker and I think I've probably posted once before, but I just wanted to say I'm happy that your happy back with Alex and I wish you and Marlowe all the best.

    • yep. I love her. I just wish she could drive…….. and I wish she could see my reply comment to you…. 🙂

  3. I think everyone who's really doing it right has a uniform or sorts at home when they get to clock out. 😉

    • American Apparel! They are mega booty shorts… but if you're at home, who cares! so comfortable! And I either have a super short torso.. or these are super high.

  4. I kind of wish I had a lot of money and could hire you (and Marlowe) to cook for me!

    • I got it from a local import store. It's actually very bright and floral on the other side (go figure, right?)

  5. we haven't quite started beach days here. i'm holding onto winter in this 85 degree weather as much as i can. also, am i a bad influence ;)?

  6. Am definitely going to try the eggplant. Everyone in this house claims not to like it, but I think they might done like this. Beautiful photos, am so envious of the sun, the blue sky the beach…

    • I'm very picky about eggplant.. but when it's cooked right, it can be pretty delicious. I very much enjoy it this way. As long as the slices aren't took thick, it cooks pretty nicely and isn't left chewy.

  7. The last few pictures remind me so much of my little sister. She's 16 now but she went through a major tutu/leotard phase in her preschool days. There's nothing like being a little one, except maybe getting to watch them grow 🙂 I hope you had a nice weekend!