two days off a week are coming.
(one more meal together, here we come.)
playing with my new borrowed camera.
(1. I know nothing (NOTHING) about photography. 2. there will be lots more pictures on this new (to me, borrowed) camera—but not on this post.)
green juice. my juicer was borrowed out, but now that it’s back, I’m ready for daily juicing. welcome back , my favorite breville.
(I think I will start a two day juice cleanse today…. but er, maybe I’ll have soups and raw veggies too… errr… maybe next week. who’s in?)
he’s cool with cleaning day.
(as he should be, shed machine.)
falafel picnics for ever and ever.
(I’m looking forward to a sandwich picnic tomorrow yesterday. pictures soon.)
still playing hide and seek.
(messy room needs work.)
I only like oatmeal when it’s cold.
(and mixed with yogurt, and topped with fruit and other things…. though I’m still not a fruit person.)
‘tude, for real.
(“Marlowe, you’re crazy.” ///// “No, mama, we’re both crazy”)
cause sometimes you see vegan empanadas at whole foods and think “oh shit, I need that.”
(I crave them all. the. time.)
poor marlowe, one day she’ll hold your hand.
(maybe, probably not. sorry kid.)
pizza date.
(she’s been coming here since utero.)
watching the garbage truck.
(her favorite.)
no explanation needed.
(we love miami.)
Half these photos were of food…. and I held back. whoops. Should have just made this a food post and declared a juice cleanse. Whoops. Let’s start next week? Happy Wednesday.


  1. thats your messy room? wowzers, you should see ours..or rather not. For someone who doesn't know much about photography you take some very pretty pictures! x

  2. Where did you get those curtains? I keep seeing them in your pics. I have to have them!
    So cute 🙂

    I accidentally posted this on another comment post.

  3. I'm down for a two-day juice cleanse! I have the same exact juicer and it's been lonely lately. I need an excuse to get it back out and someone to be accountable to. Let's do it!

  4. hi there! i just found your blog and i loooooove it! i used to live in orlando growing up and your pics are just so lovely. i was wondering if you can tell me how large that elephant print is…? i contacted the artist and they were so gracious about making it a larger size, but i would love to get an idea of the size of yours….i like to see pics insitu…..helps me reference it. thanks so much!

  5. I just saw the post on Apartment Therapy about Marlowe's room. I think it is just perfect for a little girl and I love her name. I was following you before the post and had seen the pics on here somewhere, so I was excited when I saw it on there. 🙂

  6. totally sweet pictures! i have to ask, what is the name of that little pink piano in the last picture? my little one is only 6 months but she looooves any kind of piano and im on the hunt for one that isn't rainbow colours or battery operated light up style 😉

  7. I juice almost daily as well, when I don't, my body CRAVES it! 🙂 I often post daily recipes on instagram if you want any ideas. Cheers!

  8. I'm sitting here looking at these pictures and it's really sinking in just how much M has grown. That picture of her at the pizza place was like a time machine. My gosh, where does the time go? Anywho, I'm loving all of the pictures! Enjoy the new camera too!

    p.s. my daughter tries to
    hold other kids hands too.
    sometimes they let her but
    more often than not, they don't.

  9. Drea love the pictures and your blog , it's always a treat to watch Marlowe ! Can you share the source for the tapestry above your bed ? It reminds me of door hangings we use in India

  10. Drea love your blog ! It's a treat to see Marlowe . Love the tapestry ???? Above your bed … Can u share the source ? It's beautiful , it reminds me of indian door hangings …

  11. You guys look like you're always have a blast, and eating yummy foods! I've been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a while, I'm in!

  12. Love these photos!! She's totally rocking the pink afro. Too cool 😉

  13. hahaaa 😉 I'm in on the juice cleanse!
    your home and your photos are so incredibly fun and inspiring! i always leave wanting more colour and pattern in my life.
    ..and dressing up!
    Camilla x

    • For how long? Only juices? Whats your favorite juice? Tell me more! I just through a bunch of scraps into mine—- and then realized I should have made more, to last me for the day.

  14. I don't mind food photos 🙂 I'm such a fruit person. I barely ate vegetables a few years ago, but I've always loved fruit. Jerry looks so much like one of our dogs, I just want to go hug her when I see him. We have three shedding machines and they're experts. Black and white hair just so they'll show up no matter what you wear 😀

    • I only really started eating vegetables like, 6 years ago or so—- and I've been vegetarian since I was 12-14. French-fry-atarian anyone? but now I love all veggies… and would be perfectly fine giving up fruit—- not that theres a reason to.

    • I hated vegetables and then I started dating my vegan boyfriend. So I started eating vegetables stopped eating meat around him. Then we moved in together and I was mostly vegetarian. I only started eating salad last year because I still didn't like raw vegetables before that. And now I'm finally vegan 🙂

    • You're more of a salty fat kid like me. Did someone say vegan pizza with ranch?

    • Haha. We are neat freaks to the fullest. Cords, slanted pillows, all that stuff bothers all of us. Even Marlowe has been known to straighten rugs! Also, I'm just not loving the look of this room. The other side, with the dresser is very put together, this side is kind of whatever.

    • Yes, just juice! But, I can juice anything and everything with my juicer— even potatoes. I know people who do week long juice cleanses— I would never go over two days. I think I'm going to go the more juicing/raw vegetables route. I need some crunch in my life.

    • Thanks! I'm thinking of learning a bit more about it. I didn't even know what aperture was until two days ago! Ha.

  15. I love the drape/tapestry above your bed! Where did you get it?

    Also, you may not have photography training, but you have a good eye and your photos are lovely (especially in terms of light and composition).

    • I got it from a small indian store in miami— no online shop though I've def. looked!