Currently one of her favorite snacks. Raw cauliflower dipped in a homemade ginger garlic soy sauce. (grated ginger/garlic, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, and honey)
Brown paper packages.
(It’s a bar set for Alex’s birthday, if you’re wondering.)
accidental matching.
she loves spending time in the curtains.
vegetables are pretty.
You can always and only find her in the spinning cup.
We were thrilled to receive our matching huarachas. Or as Jazmin calls them, “caites.”
I know I’ve mentioned him, but I don’t think I’ve properly introduced this guy. Meet “Jerry The Fish”
yoga sessions.
sometimes you just need your shirt tucked into your underwear while you “garden” next to dying flowers. obviously.
sunshine naps // adding more neutrals to our space // jerry is an old weirdo.

I get it, I never want to get up either.

She picks me a flower every time we leave the house.


  1. Hi! I love your home and your decorating style. Where did you get the colorful curtain above your bed?

  2. We both have the same tiny feet! I wear a 6, too! Ugh. I wish I could raid your closet and vice versa! Lovely photos as usual.

  3. I love that she picks you flowers every time you leave the house. And that you've commemorated that here. Oooh, what if you took an iphone pic of each one and then gave her a blurb book of them one day? How cute would that be? (sorry. bit obsessed with making photo books these days… imaginary ones at least. LOL)

  4. Just a suggestion, maybe rename these posts "Pictures of the most lovely things ever." Gah, I just want to jump through the screen and collect all the pretty things.

  5. I'm a recent reader of your blog and I LOVE it! it's so simple yet inspiring but my favorite is all your one liners about jerry the dog LOL you do a post about him : )

  6. Love the carousel picture. And I will definitely be trying that dipping sauce, I love raw cauliflower. Great beetroot print!

  7. Love the mummy and kid sandals! My boy used to love hiding behind curtains too. Haha.

    • yes! I'm usually a 6/6.5 these were a 6 and fit me toe to heel 🙂

  8. the yoga pic – too cute!! and your bedroom is looking lovely :).