A few outtakes from our living room tour. And these dance moves, you know where she learned them? I stepped out of the shower one morning to overhear Alex teaching Marlowe little ballerina moves. I heard little feet and big feet moving all around and up and down. My not typically melting heart, melted. Hopefully these brighten your day or week too, I know we might all need it today <3and of course, there is always my 11 month old dancing queen 😉


  1. Ballerinas unite! My little flower has been going to ballet mornings when girls just shake their booties to well known tunes and since then she hasn't been running or walking… just dancing. I love Marlowe's moves, what a professional! 🙂 xxx


  2. Made me smile 🙂 so adorable….
    Love Elton John's – Tiny Dancer – My favorite!
    Had to listen to it….
    Thx for sharing!

  3. So sweet! Ballerina dancing is the sweetest, and so is that dress! I love the things I catch my daughter doing with her daddy when they don't know you see. Sweetest.

    • I'm thinking about it. I was originally thinking soccer or gymnastics with drums… to get out a bit more energy, but she seems to be loving the ballerina gig, so maybe that. I really have to look into it all, it's pretty pricey, hopefully we can find something to fit our budget 🙂

  4. So sweet. I love the concentration on her face in the 2nd one. Has she got the book 'Dogs don't do Ballet' by Sara Kemp and illustrated by Sara Ogilvie? its ace and I'm sure she'd love it if she doesn't have it already!

    • No, I'll have to look into it, I'm sure she would love it! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. omg this is so cute!! I think the image of Alex teaching her dance moves while you're showering is even cuter than these photos (if possible!). So adorable! I can feel the love coming out of your house. 🙂


  6. Aaawwww such sweet photos of your daughter. Photos like this makes me wanna have a girl too. ♥

  7. Love the ballet outfit; I always wanted one of these when I was little. She is so very sweet, I love the last "in the air" picture.

  8. Having been a ballet dancer myself, I find my heart all sorts of giddy at the sight of these pictures :):) eeee!

  9. I love how little kids have no idea how cute they are! I also love that they haven't figured out how to be self-conscious about anything that they do. It's such a huge blessing 🙂 Thanks for the smile today. Much needed.