She’s such a ham these days— no I take that back, she’s always been a ham. Her objective is always to make people laugh, smile, and to just make everyone happy. I’m a lucky mom. 
I often regret not jotting down all the ridiculous things she says. I tell myself I will, but other than a random tweet here and there, I forget. Sometimes I tell her she’s crazy. She always responds, “no mama, we’re both crazy.” Fair enough, Marlowe. 
When we visit the zoo, she likes to tell me what the animals are doing. If they’re not doing much, “he’s just hanging out.” Yep, I think thats pretty accurate. 
If you ask her what her favorite food is, it’s usually kale. (but sometimes it’s french fries and ketchup)

She thinks everything is “pretty”. She also thinks that her tutu and dresses make her prettier. This kills me and I don’t know where it stemmed from, since I’ve always made it a point to never put an emphasis on appearance. I’m working on changing it—- not that she finds beauty in everything, but that she thinks certain clothes will make her more beautiful, this has to go. I tell her she’s always beautiful no matter what she wears. And lucky for me, no matter how tired or unkept I am she tells me “mama, you look pretty.” Thanks Marlowe, I hope you think that forever.

Sometimes, I’ll be cleaning and she’ll come up to me and ask “mama, will you check if my room is clean?” It is half the time. 
She wakes up in the morning, climbs into our bed (still “mama’s bed”) and says “mama, daddy is stinky” Fair enough. We all kind of are, until we brush our teeth.
If you ask her what “teamwork” means, she’ll tell you, “it’s when mama and daddy love each other.” She made that one up completely on her own— but its pretty wise for a two year old, I think. 
Every night for dinner she asks if daddy will be coming over for dinner and I tell her “not today.” because I’m still not certain how to explain to a two year old that it’s not “coming over for dinner” if you live here.  And every night when I put her to bed, she asks me “mama, you wanna take a nap with daddy?” I say yes, and she responds “well, daddy’s not here”. Fine Marlowe, you tease, whatever. 
She’s gotten pretty attached to the both of us. And we’re all getting a little nervous about Mexico. We as in me, Alex, and my mom, who will be watching her here, in our home. Marlowe? She’s a bit out of the loop for now. She still enjoys visits with either grandma or grandpa, but she gets to a point in the night where she says she wants mama and daddy. 8 days away from her will be a very, very long time. The longest amount of time yet. I’m not sure how most parents do trips without kids, but if you have tips or stories, I’d love to here them. She’s still so young, so I don’t think she’ll really understand the concept of vacation. So far, she does know, that sometimes, mommy’s and daddy’s need to go out together to eat dinner and hold hands. But week long dinners and hand holding without her? I know what her question  will be the whole time (it always is) “what about me?” So far my plan is prepping my mom with lots of distractions and stories of mama and daddy being away to find her presents. Is that wrong? I’m not sure. But presents seem like a good distraction for a toddler. Again, tips welcomed. I’m new at this.
I rarely talk about her daily happenings, but she’s getting big, this kid. I was a bit worried about her not talking for a long time, but now, it’s rare for us to be in silence. She really loves to talk and tell stories. 
Oh, and by the way. I downloaded Vine a bit of time ago. I’m not super active on it, but you can check us out there if you want to hear a bit of Marlowe talk every once in a while 🙂

And you what tomorrow is? It’s awesome day. It’s a day I’m more excited about than her. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a last minute, spur of the moment trip to Disney World. There’s no doubt that it will be a good day 🙂 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I was just catching up on old posts and had to chime in…. Earlier this month I got married to my 2 (almost 3!) year olds stepdad and the next day we left for 8 days to San Fran for our honeymoon. We're from St. Augustine, Fl so it was a loooong way away from home and my baby girl! I think it was harder for me than anyone else. She stayed with my parents with the exception of a sleepover with her aunt and cousin one night. We talked on the phone a few times as well as did a handful of FaceTime. She was only really into talking to me via FaceTime one of e four times but it was comforting for me to know she was happy and playing and occupied. She told me that mommy and stepdad had gone to "the moon" (because for a 2 year old if your on your honeymoon it's obviously to the moon!) my parents kept her busy when she wasn't at daycare for half days by taking her to the beach, park and zoo. When I got back she didn't even have any separation anxiety as we slipped back into our usual routine of me at work and her at "school" (daycare). I think M will be just fine and so excited to see pictures and hear stories of your trip. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Aaawww I love her definition of teamwork. Kids give the best statements :))

  3. I have no kids of my own, but heard a great idea from a friend. Upon arriving at your destination, purchase a fun gift for the little once. She then gets to ask one question a day trying to guess what it is. This cuts down on cost (vs a gift a day), and will also "bring home a piece of the trip" for her.

  4. Have you thought about making a cute little 8 day calender for her to mark down your arrival back home? That might give her a better concept of time & she'll be more aware of how long she has to wait until she gets to see you

  5. Hi there, I love reading about your sweet life and beautiful little Marlowe. My husband and I recently took a cruise, our first trip away from our 5-year-old and 2-year-old. While staying with family, I made sure that each day we were gone that they received something special from me. I wrote a letter, or note, to accompany each day's item, such as a picture of us together doing something special, a painting activity, playdough, postcard making activity, etc. My children loved it and each day, instead of focusing on missing mommy and daddy, they would excitedly ask when they were going to receive their package for that day. It helped them so much, as well as my family. Good luck and have fun on your very much deserved vacation!

    • I set up something like this! Thank you for the tips. Everyone has been so helpful! Thank you!

  6. We've watched various friends kids before when they've been out of town, but one specifically family blew me away! They were out of town for five to six days and they had an amazing routine!! They call it Mickey Mouse time and every day, the kids get a little something to start off the day (a little present) and they get special little outings in the evening to help break it up, things that are special to them (beach bonfire, watching a cartoon, glow-stick dance party-that one was fun or movie night with popcorn and the whole works). The kids get a big calendar showing all the fun activities that await them and they anticipate each evening or morning (and the people who watch them have a blast too!). My two cents and storing that one away for someday 🙂

    • This is super wonderful! I just set up a little something like tho today for M… not this wonderful, but pretty good. I'm def going to have a markdown calendar on the wall too so she can keep track. I'll def. have to work on doing more like this!

    • One my mom got from traveling. One was anthro clearance. The rest were from home goods (super cheap)

  7. Love this post! She is so adorable. I love that she says "coming over for dinner" haha. Looking forward to vine videos 🙂

  8. Marlowe is just Beautiful!!! I haven't left my kids yet for that long but it is nice reading other people's comments/tips for when I do! Have a blast at Disney….I can just picture Marlowe there in her tutu being the little Princess that she is!!

  9. We are leaving for our honeymoon in June for a week and I'm feeling the same way about my Scarlett. I am super nervous to leave her….but she's two and I know she will be okay with family. Nerve racking still…..

    • I'm not that nervous, cause I know she's in good hands. I do wish I could check in a bit though. I'm not sure how the whole cell phone/out of country thing works.

  10. Such a lovely post. Marlowe is the sweetest! I love that she asks if her Dad is coming over for dinner! So cute! I remember reading on A Cup of Jo that a technique they used when they went away on vacation and left their son for a few days was their babysitter (Jo's Mum, I think) would distract Toby with talk of what colour/flavour/shape the lolly might be that his Ma and Pa would be bringing back for home for him. I'm sure they said it seemed to work!

    • I saw that too! I feel like that would only distract her for long neil she's like "okay, abu, it's up, wheres my parents???!"

  11. She's a keeper! 🙂 Marlowe is probably the smartest, sweetest kid I know.

  12. She so adorable. If you can, it is always worth scribbling down the funny things she says. I never could remember what my little chaps came up with unless it was written down immediately, so I have a notepad in the kitchen for just that. Every so often we all read back through it and laugh and laugh. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    • I need to buy myself a note pad for my neck, that'll be key. The phone one is never something I want to use. Thank you!

  13. My husband and I recently escaped to Portland for two days while my parents watched my then-still-nursing two and a half year old. When she woke up and we were gone my mom just told her we went to get coffee and kept her busy (or she kept them busy). We came back and she wasn't even excited to see us! And she was miraculously weaned (Yes!). She also adopted sleeping through the night in her own bed. It makes me want to escape more often! They handle the separation better than we do, Marlowe will be just fine. 😉

    Molly, MaeLiveFree

  14. Hope things go well with the trip! The longest we've left our 3 year old with my mom is overnight, but he was having so much fun playing I don't think he really cared we were gone haha

    Maybe you could try to skype with her so she can see you and not just hear your voice on the phone. Or make up a couple care packages with different things, notes, record a dvd of you reading her favorite book, a new toy or books, a dress up outfit, etc., and have your mom give them to her if she's feeling upset and missing you.

    • This isn't an iPhone, but I'm flattered you have so much faith in me in my iPhone!! haha. I posted a few weeks back that I would be playing with my brothers borrowed camera. So a lot of my posts have been that new one, and pictures of recently enjoyed things usually end up iPhone or half and half.

  15. adorable! she is so sweet. i haven't yet taken an away trip from my daughter (she is two), and have no advice to offer.

    mine is two and just starting to talk a bit more. i hate to compare her to other kids, but it is still less than i hear others talking… and for a while i was really concerned. it is comforting to read/hear other parents have had same concerns and have smart kids that talk just fine. so, thanks for sharing.

    have fun on your trip, and in disney!