Hello friends! I’m almost certain I’ve mentioned the (Tulum) Mexico trip I’ll be embarking on for the first week of June…. right? Well, in my intense preparation excitement, I’ve decided to put a little sale up in the shop to try to save a bit extra here and there, and wherever I can 🙂  I’ve never been in Mexico for more than a day at a time, so you can imagine, I’m super stoked, beyond ready for adventure… and of course, I’m doing some extra finger crossing for textiles, textiles, and more textiles.  
If you’d like a mobile or dream catcher for yourself, your littles, or your friends littles, now is the perfect time! Take a peek around the shop &use discount code: MEXICO to receive an extra 40% off your entire purchase!  🙂 🙂 

(until the end of the month!)


ps. the image above is from a dominican republic trip around 2007, not mexico 😉
&If you have travel tips and secrets for Tulum, send em my way por favor! 🙂
&& thank you Sarah for designing the shop (and blog!) logos. So cute!

Thanks friends! 


  1. Very interesting sharing I also have been visited this country a year ago before my us west coast tours in vacations. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations with over 20 million foreign visitors every year around the world. One place that I liked there is Tulum. It is located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

  2. We're going to Tulum for our honeymoon. Can't wait to hear how your trip goes. I know we are counting down the days until we leave! And get married but really until we get to stay in a cabana on the beach for a week. Have a blast mama!

  3. since you'll be in mexico for my birthday you must have a drink for me.
    you deserve these.
    also, i'm a horrible friend. i think i totally missed your birthday.

  4. don't know if you follow kathleens blog [http://jeremyandkathleen.blogspot.com/] but she just arrived home from tulum & had some great posts while she was there!
    excited to see where you adventure 🙂