I’m not sure.
 big marlowe // little trudy
 visiting daddy to eat french fries and ketchup.
letter games in tutus and feathers.
 letter board c/o Uncommongoods
I made vegetable bread lasagna for my SIL. We travel with nutritional yeast. Totally normal, right?
I let her pick her own outfits.
 midnight surprise. Fresh focaccia and olive, artichoke, garlic, plus other extra yummys.
(This was last week, I miss you bread)
 leftover pizza date. coffee table style.
a lunch.
ready to move past this week. ready to pack.
sunhat // roxy bikini // // perfect travel bag c/o of borboleta affair.

Carrot ginger juice. now let me be honest, I’m not a juice person. I enjoy flavored water, but nothing about juice is really appetizing to me. But when you’re going on your 3rd day of not being able to eat food and you wake up, groggy and a mess from the steroids you’re taking, to juice and a smoothie made and waiting in the fridge for you, it’s a really and truly an enjoyable thing. Especially since Alex, well, he’s not really good at the super important and meaningful things. I love him, but he’s just not (his strengths lie elsewhere). But he’s been working on getting better, and this week, oh this disastrous week, he’s been a really wonderful aid to me. I couldn’t need, love, and appreciate his efforts more.


Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. Some people carry hot sauce in their purse…why not nutritional yeast? 😉

  2. We love your blog so much! The pictures, your writing, your veganism…

    We are best friends and have been for 13 years…we just started a blog and are really interested in what you think:


    Greetings from Europe,

    Birdy and Bambi

  3. Where is that little white table and chairs from? I would love to have it for my little girl!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the outfit she chose herself. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Maybe you need a holiday…

  5. you HAVE to take a picture of marlowe in her yellow dress on the yellow couch! i did a double take when i saw it haha

  6. That dinner looks delicious. I love the two different shoes outfit 🙂 I travel with soy milk, because most restaurants over here don't have it and I don't like black coffee. The only place in our town that had soy milk started charging extra for it recently.