avocado, salt, pepper, chives. 

Today starts day one of dental hell week. Even toast hasn’t been super appealing this past week, I’ve been in so much pain. Radishes? My nemesis. Today, tomorrow, and thursday I plan on showing the dentist my ugly cry. I already gave them one cry when they dropped the bill on me. Heh. Maybe I’ll keep telling myself that this as a sign I should juice more this week to make up for all the junk food I ate the past week. French fries x three and pizza x three, who does that before traveling on a beach vacation? Dental hell, healthy eating, and juicing week, here I come. I already told Alex not to bring any bread home this week (then he made delicious pizza again). Take this as a friendly reminder to visit your dentist more, because even if you brush your teeth three times a day, things can go wrong. Yuck. Send some warm thoughts to my mouth and to my dentist, we’re both gonna need it. 


  1. aww, i feel your pain, or at least i did last week…i was in sooo much pain and my dentist said i need to have my wisdom tooth taken out because it is pushing my tooth up and causing a gap which is causing an infection. BUT i am 21 weeks pregnant so he told me i have to wait until AFTER baby is born to do anything about it :'( he put me on antibiotics and after three days of the most worst pain i have ever been in, not being able to eat or sleep and having a swollen mouth which made my face look like i got punched, the antibiotics kicked in and i feel much better. i hope you feel better soon…i know how much i hate the dentist but luckily my new dentist is really nice and makes it soooo much better

  2. unfortunately genetics play such a huge roll in teeth…but i've had a bunch of root canals and other crappy things. I can honestly say, the more severe the work, the less pain and easier it is to recover. hears to vegan milkshakes and pudding cups 🙂

    • I've def. been treating myself to milkshakes/fraps/smoothies. and I totally blame my dad for my teeth.

  3. I feel your pain! I am super strict about brushing my teeth after getting 3 root canals last year. Flossing, brushing teeth and mouthwash 2x a day for me! Good luck. I agree, 6 month dental check ups are a must!

  4. I feel your pain! I am super strict about brushing my teeth after getting 3 root canals last year. Flossing, brushing teeth and mouthwash 2x a day for me! Good luck. I agree, 6 month dental check ups are a must!

  5. Oh how I dread going to the dentist. I try very hard not to set a bad example for the children, but honestly I spend the week before hand getting worked up about it. Sending you good energy. Just remember, it will all be worth it in the end. Hope it all goes okay.

    • I had my first panic attack in years yesterday, when they couldn't numb my mouth and told me there would have to drill through the pain!!!! they had to stop my second root canal cause I couldn't go any further… I'm going tomorrow again and hoping that doesn't happen again. Now I'm extra set on extra brushing for M.

  6. That stinks 🙁 I hate the dentist and haven't been to one in years (which makes me even MORE afraid to go). I haven't read it myself, but there is a wildly popular book in the health food community right now called Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel that focuses on remineralizing teeth through nutrition. I know it's non-vegan, but you could skip to the sections that focus on the role of phytic acid and tooth decay, that might still be interesting/applicable to you.

  7. Try avo with salt and lemon rind when you're mouth is better. Good luck with the dentist. My dentist said I need to see a specialist about my wisdom teeth.

  8. i used to hate going to the dentist! i literally hadn't been since i was 12! so you can imagine that by the time i was 26 (last year) my teeth were in a state! i hadn't smiled showing teeth in years but was just too embarrassed/scared to go! then the inevitable happened and i got an infection – my cheek blew up like a balloon! i was in so much pain and pretty much bawled my eyes out in the dentist office (before they even looked in my mouth!) long story short i had to go back for the next 2 months, get 2 teeth out and a bunch of fillings. $3.5k later and i'm the biggest lover of the dentist ever! haha! i was so lucky to find a good dentist that day and i believe that makes all the difference! i was so sad when we had our last appointment lol

    anywho – point of my story is, if i can end up loving the dentist then i think you can too! 🙂 good luck drea xx

    • I have so many jaws issues, that even a simple cleaning really hurts my face. If I get any problems with the furthest two teeth back…? I'm going to need to go in for major jaw reconstruction surgery because there will be no way to work on them. I go every few years. Went for a cleaning last year. I only went in this time because my left side was aching after some popcorn… turns out both sides now need root canals (with a bunch of other things). This week has been the worst.

  9. Ugh. Sending lots of warm wishes your way because you are right, it's hell! Glad I'm not the only one who hates it. At least you'll have it all take care of before you take off! 😉 Good luck!

  10. Brushing teeth three times a day? Gosh, I don't do that! I thought two time a day was okay!!
    The dentist….dun, dun dun! I don't think anybody likes going to him/her, so I sympathize!

    • two to three, depending on what I eat. always three if I eat sugar. One bite of something sweet and my teeth ache!