And we’re beach ready! We’ve been hitting the beach a bit more often these days– it’s been kind of perfect. And a very smart Marlowe knows two things must happen for beach trips: 1. sunscreen, lots of it. 2. a hat, more specifically: a bonnet! 
Urban Baby Bonnets is the perfect addition to any little ones wardrobe. They’ve got a ton of really cute patterns, they’re functional, comfortable, REVERSIBLE (this is key when you have a very, very outfit choosey toddler– and it’s like getting a bogo hat), and super cute. 
Not only are the bonnets at Urban Baby Bonnets fantastic, but you can also find a whole selection of caps— for boys and girls (look at this mustache one!) , dresses, winter wear, adorable boy sets, an organic section (!),  and a whole lot more 🙂
I’m pretty sure the pictures say it all— it doesn’t get any cuter than a kid in an adorable bonnet. 
You can find M’s bonnet HERE (in the sale section! and it’s organic too!) 
and they’re out of stock on the bloomers, but you can find some cute pairs HERE!
Don’t forget! Use discount code: OHDEARDREA to receive free shipping! 
Happy sunny outdoors-ing! 🙂 
And the winner of the CassaDecor giveaway is Rondy! Congratuations! 
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  1. Wow, what a fantastic surprise winning such a great giveaway! Thank you Drea, I absolutely love your blog 🙂

    Summer ('Rondy')

  2. Duuude, she is so cute! I can't get over her! Definitely going to get one or two for my monsterchild.

  3. Oh my goodness she looks adorable! She is definitely ready for the beach 🙂