*Photo is from 2011 the most recent photo of just us and our disgusting love
 From the very first moment, I pretty much knew – might as well start this post out on a high cheesy note. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but it was thereinstantly. His sense of humor is what hooked me, his big kind heart won me over, and his handsome but “hidden under some very questionable clothing choices” good looks made me smile.
I liked him pretty much the moment I met him. But trying to flirt was difficult, see he was too shy to even stand next to me so having a conversation was next to impossible. Which actually made me like him even more – makes sense, right? He was not my usual type, which in my head meant he was MY type (since I never really dated any winners before he came along).
After he got over his momentary shyness with me – the moment quickly passed after I used the old, “tell my friend to tell him I like him” high school move. We hung out, a lot. There were many moments of falling hard or even harder for him mixed in that first month, each and every one I still remember so vividly.
One of the first times we hung out in a group setting, one of the first where he wasn’t too shy to talk to me. My friends and I went to pick him and his friends up in my car, it was a hot day so the windows were all down and the sunroof was back. The moment he stepped in the back seat of the car, my friend whispered to him “Brandy is not a fan of socks and sandals”. I remember all of a sudden seeing a pair of white socks flying from my sunroof as I drove, as he took them off and threw away the evidence. I know, not environmentally friendly to litter. And a superficial (actually sorta) non issue, because socks and sandals would not have changed me liking him. The sweet little fact that he liked me enough to ditch them in a flash, was the first moment I knew I was going to keep him forever
*Photo is from 2001 when I first fell head over heals for my Chris.

-Brandy of Heart And Habit


  1. What a sweet love story. People think it's cheesy when you say you just knew, but really, you just do know. It's that easy. Now… staying in the "just know" phase is the complicated part when you get frustrated sometimes. 😉