throwback steve and bridget!!  bam!
alright, let me tell you in like twenty words or less (who am i kidding, i’m really wordy.  but i will say that i feel like shit right now – first-time allergies?  maybe?  or a lingering cold?  anyone? – so i can probably wrap this up pretty quickly.  just long enough to bait you to come over to my blog and read the whole long she-bang of it.  and it’s long.  not for the faint of heart.
this is me and my main man steve.  he may have had more hair in this picture then he does now (i mean, would you look at that swoosh!?) but that is beside the point.  he is still an a-plus hottie (even though i did not get an a-plus in his class).  what?  class?  yes!  he was also my professor.  
here’s the gist of it: he was the cool, young, hip professor at my college and i thought he was great.  great enough to sign up for more than one of his classes and pick up a double major in his field of study.  so, pretty great.  strictly as a professor, zero funny business, i assure you.  he had a beautiful wife of fourteen years, and four young children.  during my second year at the college, he left the campus for awhile, pretty suddenly, and the students soon learned that his wife passed away from cancer.  it was awful, shocking, incredibly sad.  he took some time away from the college, came back the following semester, a changed man, no doubt.  the summer came, students left the campus, and upon returning i discovered shortly into the semester that he was looking for a babysitter.  the job became mine and i spent every tuesday with his kids – riding bikes, making spaghetti, giving baths.  it was a special time and man, i left that house with a heavy heart every tuesday.  thinking of this lone father and his four kids.  slowly we became friends, and slowly, we fell in love.  
there’s a whole heckuva lot more to that story, tears and laughter and all, and you’ll find some of it at my blog.  i know it’s not for everyone, this sort of strange story of ours, but it’s ours nevertheless.  who ever said life is box-fitting perfect?
we’ve been together eight years now (steve, has it been that long?!) and he is my favorite person in the world.  it’s not been an easy road with simple dynamics, but let me just say there’s no one i’d rather have by my side than this guy.  i love him so.


  1. This isn’t another Cinderella story but it truly worth my time. My, I sincerely admire you as a woman. For standing up for your man, for loving him just the way he is without hesitations or reservations. Kudos to you! That is truly pure love. That guy is really lucky to have you. I hope and pray that you will continue to love each till the end.

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