My now husband, Chris, is 4 years older than me and happened to be at my highschool graduation with his current girlfriend at the time (they were watching her little sis graduate). I am not sure how this came about but someone said: that is Casey Jones (my maiden name) and she’ll be at Baylor next year. I graduate, make it to Baylor and Chris can name countless times that we were at the same places… always remembering who I was from that initial sighting. My sophomore year he sat behind me at a concert and tried to get the courage to talk to me the whole time and never said a word. Fast forward time…. he graduates, moves back to Dallas. I still don’t know he exists and we have still never officially met.
I graduate college in August. One night we both randomly wind up at a the same place. He waited at the bottom of the elevators to talk to me and I took the stairs so we missed each other. 
A few days later he decided to get my number from a friend and call me. What was supposed to be a phonecall for a (sort of) blind date turned into hours of conversation. I didn’t even know what he looked like at the time but I knew we had an immediate connection. He took me out on a date on October 21 and I remember thinking I was in serious trouble. We just connected so well and so quickly! He was artistic, sensitive, kind… I was smitten! 
Three months later he told me he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. 
We went to Hawaii after 5 months of dating and he proposed to me on our one year anniversary. 
We had an 8 month engagement, married on June 16.
Now we have three precious little ones! Aiden, Ainsleigh & baby Apple. 
There is obviously a lot that has happened in the middle. We have had some messy patches, hard patches, ups & downs. I have let him down a zillion times and he has done the same.
But at the end of the day… Christopher has always said 
“There was only girl I could spend my life with…and that’s you.” 
And I believe it. Through better or worse. He has made all my dreams come true. He has changed my life. He has loved me well. He has made me a better me.
Through day in and day out. 
He chose me. And I am thankful.
Our story.
-Casey of The Wiegands


  1. casey, i love this. i remember reading it on your blog ages ago, long before we ever emailed/met… it means even more now that i've seen you talk about him, etc. i love that he had his eyes on you so long before you knew who he was!!

    lovely story, lovely couple 🙂

    • I loved their story and visited her blog which is adorable. I love how blogging community expands due to telling ourselves about lovely ladies and their lives across the globe. x

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful story. And that photo of them is just tooooo much! Love it!