a myspace love story

hello ohdeardrea readers. i’m Claudia and i blog over at lilmuselily.

while Drea is frolicking around with Alex on the sandy beaches of Mehico (she asked me to say that with an accent), she asked me if i would write a little guest post about love.

little….. about love…. ha!

i have been meaning to write this post on my own blog for a while now but since Drea asked for one single picture and a short story, i felt inspired (and challenged) to do it now. 

so here we go.
in may of 2007 while i was visiting a dear friend in venice beach california, i received a message on myspace (remember that space?) from a William i did not know or was friends with.
had it been any other message from any other “how you doin’ baby?” kind of guy i would have just deleted it. but it wasn’t.
it was a beautiful and very well written message about what he thought of my art, photography and life in general. i was impressed and curious by his writing and choice of words. (Will is a great writer)
i sat on that message during the rest of my vacation however once i got home and checked out his profile, i wrote him back.
and then he wrote me back…. we wrote back and forth through myspace for about a month before he asked me if i was willing to meet.
and meet we did. during day light in a public place on lincoln rd. we talked, and talked and talked….
we saw each other again the following week, and the week after that and the week after that.
a couple of months later he asked me to go to west virginia with him to his brother’s wedding and to meet his family. i felt scared and that it was way too soon but i did. at his house, surrounded by his family and old friends i fell in love with Will.
soon after he moved in.
soon after that we got pregnant.
and then with Lily in tow we walked to city hall and got married.
and well… to keep it short, the rest is history. or better yet, present and future.
what i would like you to take from this short love story is, give love a chance. no matter which way, give it a chance.
i never thought i would meet my future husband and baby daddy online but i did. and i couldn’t be happier about it
-Claudia of Lil Muse Lily


  1. oh gosh i love this! i am such a fan of claudia and her blog and never knew this story! fabulous, quite teary! x

  2. CLAUDIA!! I had no idea, and love hearing the back story on your sweet family.. too wild! You guys are adorbs!!
    needle and nest