So “hello” from me to Drea’s readers. It is an honour to be asked to fill a little space over on this blog. I’ve ‘known’ Drea for a while now and although we’ve never actually met in the real live flesh (but boy do we like to pretend plan it all the time, damn you expensive flights…) we’ve had the odd skype chat so I feel I can definitely call her my friend, and was happy to do this post when she asked.
Anyway, while she is having a grand old time in Mexico she asked if I’d do a little guest post on the theme of love. So here goes…it won’t be sappy, I’m just not that sort of girl I’m afraid.
The story of how me and my husband ‘got together’ is sort of a silly one. And perhaps not the most ideal one in life. I’m certainly not looking forward to the day my son asks how we finally got together after knowing each other as good friends for 10 years and I have to explain I drank waaaaaay too much beer, Bowie was playing in the club, and somehow your father saw his chance and jumped me. Then we ended back at his. Oops. And for anyone living in London I had the most hideous journey back from Dalston to Wandsworth Common…before the wonderful overground line was there. Bus, tube, and then train including shame and a hangover. Not a fine start. I won’t even go into details that as I was meeting ‘just’ a friend, massive black pants (to you lot in the US that is knickers) and unshaven legs were fine since there was no chance I was going to get lucky. Yes, I most certainly was not a girl guide…. #alwaysbeprepared
We met when we were both 18 at 6th form college. He went to the ‘cooler’ one and I went to the one for swots (his words, not mine) where I met all the friends he’d been to school with. We were always out together. I liked a good time and so did he. So that’s how it begun – just two friends enjoying our youth. We always stayed close, even when one or both of us had girlfriends/boyfriends. We were in London at the same time after graduating from different Universities and hung out a lot – going to gigs and clubs together. Him living in North London and me living in South. It was just another catch up meal that night with him that for some reason things all changed when we were both single and about 28 years old.
It was one of those nights I was hoping to write off. I thought maybe we’d ruined our friendship for good. And if not ruined, that he would laugh at me for years because of those damn pants. It turned out somehow though that we didn’t . We met up to chat about why an earth that had happened suddenly after many a night out of drinking beer in each others company. Yet somehow something this time was different. It had changed between us, but in a good way, the best way. How lucky was I, that friend would eventually become my husband. That friend I’d been recommending to many girls because he was fun, handsome, cooked, cleaned, was generous, thoughtful and even did a spot of sewing(!!!) was now mine! Some of my friends that went to school with him were surprised and shocked at first. Ben? From school?! Are you sure they would say. Well yes…he has changed a little since he was 8 years old, he’s had 20 something years to change, grow up, sort out his hair etc etc….
We will have been married 4 years this September, yet friends for 17 years, and we have a beautiful sweet boy called Stanley who is two and almost a half. An equal part of both of us. It is great when these mistakes turn out to be the best kind to make.

-Sarah of Sarah Dyer 


  1. Oh Sarah, I so enjoyed reading this. Willy and I have a similar story… wouldn't you know? And Drea, so happy for you guys… Can't wait to see more pics from your honeymoon 🙂 xo

  2. Your lovestory is awesome! Mine isn't that perfect or conventional at all either, so it's great to read yours and see I'm not alone and there isn't allways hearts, ballons und little puppies all around 😉
    I loved to read your story!

    And Drea, this series of lovestory-blogs is pretty perfect too, great idea! Thank u!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a lovely story Sarah (you've made me cry a little, but then that maybe because i just realised all my pants are bridget jones style *sadface*)!

    And i LOVE that wedding photo 🙂