Woot! You guys already know my love for Dot & Army— everything about them is simply wonderful. Well, I’ve got the fun, funny, and sweet, Jennifer here today to share a bit about her company and creating custom napkin sets for parties, showers, and weddings 🙂 I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the end! If you missed the last one, well then, here’s your chance to pick up your very own custom set!
Hey there! I really should be saying, “Hey Y’all!” since I now live in the south. I am the owner of the Etsy shop, Dot and Army, where I (and sometimes my mother-in-law, my two aunts, and even my dad) sew cloth napkins from vintage and new fabrics. I grew up sewing, my grandmother (Dot) is a quilter, and she taught my mom, who would make a lot of our clothes (all four of us kids, including my brother). Don’t worry, he is in therapy now.  When I turned eight, my mom found a used sewing machine for me, and I would would make little pillows and purses, and accessories for my Barbies. As I was in high school, I used my sewing skills to alter my clothes and  make quilted backpacks that look like ladybugs and butterflies. While working towards my degree in Studio Art, I made a beanbag out of womens’ bras sewn together. I still have it, and hope to bring it out one day to embarrass my sons. After college, and earning my credential and master’s degree, I taught kindergarten and made little girls’ dresses from vintage muumuus and vintage tablecloths. These little sundresses were sold in boutiques in Santa Barbara and LA, and once Yoga Journal featured them, they sold out. But once I had children, two boys, and realized all of these cute little girl dresses would not be worn by my own children, I switched gears. Seeing the waste of paper napkins and paper towels, being somewhat of a cheapskate and not wanting to buy paper towels, and LOVING fabrics, especially vintage fabrics, I started to make my own cloth napkins. I made a set for my youngest son’s first birthday in blues, greens, and reds, and they were a hit. And the great thing was I now had a nice set of cloth napkins for my everyday use. Once I started listing my napkins on Etsy, I realized there is a need for custom sets like that. The customer uses them to enhance their tables, and to be eco-friendly, plus after the event they have a set for their family to use for everyday meals and to save for special dinners. Sometimes, when I create sets for weddings, the bride makes bundles of the napkins after the wedding to give as thank you’s to her family members. Understanding that cloth napkins can be a big initial investment, and not in everyones budget, we also offer rentals of our napkins. To show you the process of creating a custom set of cloth napkins, I created a few examples of inspirations and fabric choices:

This photo is when your inspiration is color block flatware that you will be using for a 40th birthday dinner party. On the right are fabrics I pulled when you asked for a mix of colors and a variety of prints including florals, gingham, and polka dots for large, 18inch napkins. The fabrics are numbered so that you can let me know which fabrics you like, and what you would like to see more of. You might end up liking all of these or just a few. I then create an updated collage of the fabrics you chose, and create a custom listing on Etsy. If your event isn’t for awhile, you can put down a deposit, and then pay the balance as your event approaches.source (left photo)

Here is another inspiration, great vintage invitations. For this you wanted soft prints with a pops of color. These will be for a cocktail party with appetizers, so you want smaller, 12 inch napkins.source (left photo)

Another example is photo of a tablescape you found on pinterest for your wedding.source (left photo)



🙂 Thank you Jennifer!

And now to the giveaway! 
To enter to win your very own custom set, simply:
-Leave a comment with your email address, telling us what your pattern of choice would be from Dot & Army.
For additional entries:
-Visit Dot &Army and pin your favorite listing to pinterest! Once completed, come back here and leave a separate, additional comment with a link to your pin. (You can find dot &army on pinterest HERE) *UP TO 5 PINS
-Like Dot &Army on Facebook, and leave a separate and additional comment here, telling us you did so.
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-Tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment with a link to the tweet. ((Win a custom, beautiful, eco-friendly cloth napkin kitchen starter set at ohdeardrea.blogspot.com @ohdeardreababy ))
-Pin this post and leave a separate, additional comment with a link to your pin.
Thanks friends! Happy beautiful eco-friendly dining 😉
**this is an international giveaway, open to everyone. Giveaway ends next wednesday, July 3rd. Winner will be announced and emailed shortly after. thank you!


  1. Hello! Just found you from Small Fry…pretty, happy blog. The pics of the interior of your home make me inspired, too! Anyway, Dot & Army–fun name–I would pick the Paper-Free Home Starter Set–a mix of colors and patterns!

  2. I love the shades of yellow napkins! I hope that one day I'll stop using paper towels.

  3. We use all cloth here, so I'd go for the 20 napkin starter set. All our napkins are old, which means they're soft, but it also means they're really threadbare in places, and I think we use 20 a day anyway.

  4. I love dot and army, and jennifer too. My favorite are the ones that go with the vintage wedding invites. And I'm a fan on Facebook!

  5. I love dot and army, and jennifer. My favorite are the fabrics that go with the vintage wedding invites. And imnanfan on Facebook!

  6. I love the chevrons in the top line, and the balloons in the bottom line. so cute! about to start pinning now… 🙂

  7. So hard to pick one they are all too cute but I think my favorite is number three, the florals

  8. love dot & amy! love the the aqua and orange colors!
    sgreck428 at yahoo

  9. Following on Instagram (@trinerasser), private account, so I hope it´s still ok?

    xoxo Trine

  10. UH, that decision is a tough one, but I think I´ll take fabric No 3 in the first example! I love arrows and triangles, this is perfect therefor!

    xo Trine
    mrsmiawallace82 (at) web (dot) de

  11. I love the Kitchen Starter Set in orange, yellow and green… funny because I noticed it in the small thumbnail when the colors caught my eye and when I opened it up I realized I have a sheet set in the pattern on the bottom right! I guess my taste is somewhat consistent


  12. I love these cloth napkin sets! I actually just started my collection about a week ago:)

    my fave shown above is option #3, I mean how could you not love option #3?!


  13. I just ordered a set from the dot & army store this week, too funny! I ordered lunchbox-sized to keep in my office, but I'd love to have a kitchen starter set too. I think I'd get the primary color set for my kitchen 🙂

  14. I am in love with all of these patterns! I've been wanting to buy one of their sets for a while now, but I just haven't had the chance yet. I think I'd definitely appreciate her primary colors sets. Perfect all year round!

  15. I think my favorite is the Batik Cloth Napkins in Orange. Beautiful!

    skurviee @ gmail

  16. So many beauties to choose from! The Orange and Green Mix caught my eye first!

  17. I love Dot & Army! I can't tell you how many times I've browsed that etsy shop only to click away because I can't quite spend the money yet. I'd be so excited to win! 🙂 I love so many of the patterns…Shades of Yellow or the Orange and Green Mix are probably my faves. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. They're all great! I find myself particularly drawn to the palette of orange and aqua that contains a fabric printed with what looks like multi-colored dandelions. So pretty! The seersucker are really nice and classic! Tough choice.

  19. I love the inspiration from the table and I would be happy with anything!
    I am so happy that your honeymoon was brilliant!
    I hope you both will be very happy!

  20. They're all so lovely, but for me it would be between the aqua and orange color assortment that contains a fabric that looks like it has colored dandelions (so pretty!) or classic seersucker.

  21. They're all so lovely, but for me it would be between the aqua and orange color assortment that contains a fabric that looks like it has colored dandelions (so pretty!) or classic seersucker.

  22. As a seller on Etsy also, I truly enjoyed this insight into the inner workings of your business. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in all future sales!

    I personally LOVE the orange leaves cloth napkins. I love the curvy pattern and the bright color! Jennifer you do a fantastic job of putting together color palettes!

    Email: maloriemcdole@gmail.com