A Blue Funk Kind Of Love
Hi! I’m Nicole from Rose Runs Wild blog. I am so thankful that Drea asked me to hang out over here today and share my little love story with all of you! Ours has definitely been a journey so let’s start from the beginning and I’ll try not to bore you too much. 😉
Growing up, my mom always told me that “you’ll just know when you are in love” and I believed that. That worked for her and my dad, they’ve been together for over 30 years, so it should work for me right? All love is the same. I believed that you just know and that you should never have to think about it, second guess it or work at it. It should be magical and wonderful at all times. So amazing that you just know. That might be the case for some people but it wasn’t that easy for me. As people grow older, go through experiences, relationships and moments that shape them they develop baggage, different views, and may have a hard time trusting themselves and their feelings. Of course I am talking about me here, but I know this to be true for others as well. Love at first sight or first feeling is not true in all cases and it’s also perfectly ok. I no longer live under the false guise that if you are in love it should be rainbows and puppies all of the time or that you should know immediately after laying eyes on another human being.
I met my love, Gray, many years before we ever started dating. If you ask him, he knew right away that we were meant to be together. Me, I blew him off. Several years and a divorce from a terrible relationship for me later, our paths crossed and we began the journey that is our relationship. A relationship with one of us in Las Vegas, one of us in New York. Then me in Indiana and him still in New York. Finally both of us making a home, together, here in Indiana. Our relationship has been a roller coaster of emotions and situations. It’s been amazing and mind blowing at times and it’s been horrible at times too. We’ve brought personal baggage, had fights, been annoyed beyond annoyed with eachother because that is the reality of any relationship. But, we’ve also learned so much about eachother, what the other person needs, how to show the other love and it’s been amazing. When I look back on the past four years of us. . . I see a process and a true love that is more beautiful than I can put into words. We’ve become this home, an amazing team, a family, a couple that I know can get through pretty much anything life chooses to throw at us. We were engaged in August of last year and are now four months away from our wedding day. It feels amazing to be at this point in our relationship. Both so eager and excited to completely give ourselves to one another.
When people ask me how I know I love Gray, how I know he is the one, I don’t say something  like “I just knew he was the one!” because I honestly didn’t. I know I love Gray and that he is the one because his happiness is more important to me than anything else (well, besides my child’s but that’s a given). Seeing him happy makes my heart full and it’s something I will do everything in my power to make sure he feels. His happiness makes me genuinely happy. I’ve never experienced that before. I want to see him reach his dreams, his goals and am always willing to do whatever I need to do to help or support him getting there without thinking twice about it. I will spend ridiculous amounts of money on Batman action figures just to see the smile on his face. I put his needs and wants before mine because his happiness is number one to me. I know he is the one because I know that he feels the same way about me. I know because he shows me and reminds me he feels that way each and every day. He goes above and beyond in big ways and small ways to show his love and care for me. He supports every hope and dream I have. He takes care of me and my son and does it because our happiness is truly important to him.
We still have bad days and good days like everyone else but at the end of the day, we don’t want to be with anyone else, we make eachother happy, we truly love eachother through it all. I think to be able to go through the hard times that life gives you and be able to come out a stronger, better couple on the other side of it, that is love. Love continues to grow stronger, day by day, in the best or times and the worst of times.
Thank you again Drea for having me here and I hope you are having an amazing time in Mexico!
-Nicole from Rose Runs Wild


  1. I loved reading this. Particularly what you said about thinking that you'll just know when you meet the one! That's what I always think, even if it's naïve, but it's also good to read that it's not always like that, and that makes it so much more real. And realistic!
    But I loved your post, and thanks for sharing your love story with us!

    • Thank you, Rachael!!! I think love happens for everyone in different ways and that's what makes it all so beautiful! I don't think it's naive to think you'll just know. That's exciting and hopeful, two very awesome things! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  2. I love your story Nicole! You two seem like a genuinely amazing couple and it makes me smile to hear about your life, both the ups and the downs and the happiness you two have for each other. Thanks for sharing your story with us. 🙂 s

  3. this is so true and so well put. love is not the same for everyone and neither is love at first sight. thank you for sharing your love story. you three are such a lovely family.

  4. I love this! YAY! It's such a great reminder too, for those of us who have been married a while (ahem) that putting your partner's happiness in the forefront is so important. Sometimes I get caught up in the logic of it all, but batman figures aren't logical, they're love. Thank you for this.

    • Well I am by no means great at it, trust me, but I try. The most non logical acts are the best ones. There was this bump on adult swim with jelly fish gif's and a weird rap song that would make me crack up every time it came on. One day gray emailed me a bunch of jelly fish gif's and the song in the commercial. Just to make me laugh. That meant more to me than I can tell you! I'm glad you liked it mama! :)Thank you for reading!

    • Thank you so much, lady!! Hahaha! He gets that ALL THE TIME! That and Mark Maron. I don't mind one bit! 🙂

  5. beautiful story. finding this one very encouraging to me, sounds pretty similar to me and my boyfriend so far! met years before we started dating, and trying to do our best to survive a long distance relationship. you're totally right about how it's not puppies and rainbows all the time, especially when you have to deal with distance!

    • Thank you so much Juni! Long distance is brutal!! Even though we get annoyed being around eachother all the time, we wouldn't trade it at all. I'd rather have him there to be annoyed with than not at all! Haha! Hang in there! It gets better and is so worth it! 🙂