directly on your left after the stoplight (there’s only one light).
more pictures, words, and tulum food tips behind the cut πŸ™‚

mini car. 

puro corazΓ³n has a nicer tv then me, ya know? basically the only tv one needs. 

We took a few bigger day-trips while away, but we spent a majority of our time around our home base. Tulum beach (and town too, I suppose) is easily bikeable, and depending on how far you want to walk your feet, mostly walkable. Not knowing how to ride a bike (I have a tricycle), well, the bike-able factor didn’t work out so well for me on this trip (and most trips I suppose). Tulum is also easily hitch-hikeable, though we never did it and we never picked up anyone either πŸ˜‰ And pretty much every car that passes you is a beeping taxi… so basically, no car = no problem. We wondered if a rental car would be a waste of money or not, but at the end of the trip, we know it was a great decision for us. It was easy for us to pick up and head out for hours at a time or just a quick run into the pueblo for a paleta, without a second thought. We loved being able roam around and visit markets and buy hard to find (in the states) tropical fruits. Passionfruit, guava, and momencillos, oh my.
Another interesting find in mexico: italian food, everywhere. And not like, “here you go, tourist: pizza and french fries!”, (I’m not hating, I love pizza and french fries, you guys know that) but like, real italian food of fresh made pastas, pizzas, and bruschetta. The italian food was surprisingly good— really good. I guess thats what happens where the is a small italian migration to a tiny beach town in Mexico. But on the more touristy end, I was pleased with the large ex-pat yoga community in Tulum, bringing lots and lots of vegetarian and vegan options to the plate (get it, to the plate?). It also helped that Mayan cultures weren’t huge meat eaters, so even in town, most places would have an option for me. Also in town, we stumbled upon an open air restaurant called “Abuela’s” with a pretty decent vegetarian and vegan selection. The man working there, I assume the owner, was very nice. We walked in with the clearing rain and left with a few more bug bites than any person would want in a day. While waiting for our food, I ran down a few blocks and used my best spanglish to find bug spray, not knowing the owner was actually bringing some out for us any minute.  Paletas are found in dairy and non dairy options… chocolate popsicles forever and ever, I love you. “Sin queso” was easy enough to request for meal time. And the markets? Wow, the produce prices are ridiculous compared to the states… ridiculously cheap. And rice and beans? Our always go to meal? The cheapest. And not just the cheapest, but there’s always (always) been something about Alex and I cooking together. We work well together. It’s safe to say we spent the majority of our pre-baby time together, cooking…. or if not cooking, then at farms and markets. It was nice to be able to do this without the troubles of anything or anyone, alone together, in another country. Basically, I wish we could vacation together every day, with Marlowe too πŸ˜‰ Here, there, in Mexico, wherever, we’d just be happy to spend more time together like this, more often.
Our first meal was at La Zebra. It was decent. It was on the beach side, so the mosquitoes weren’t so bad. I ordered two vegetarian options, without cheese. We had zero complaints. It was a good first meal with great tortillas. We tried Puro Corazon for two meals, one lunch, one breakfast (for Alex). Also decent, cheap-ish meal. Juanita Diavola was our first non Mexican, Italian restaurant stop. Here’s a major tip: It’s a great spot and if you get there early, they’ll give you a (the) fan and it helps keep major mosquitoes away. Get there late: no fan for you. We both got pizza. I asked for pizza without cheese, it was surprisingly good, unlike most places that I’ve tried a cheese-less pizza from. They’re mojito is excellent. Also, a bathroom with electricity? It’s like you’re a queen. We tried Hartwood. Everyone says you should try Hartwood. Everyone. And we tried it. None of the main dishes are vegan friendly, but of course, like everything else in Tulum, it’s local and freshly delivered. The atmosphere, the staff, the happy traveling hipsters, the smokey copal in the air, it makes for a pleasant dining experience. I ordered three vegetable sides. They were good. Alex won’t stop talking about the passionfruit drink he ordered. Will not stop. 


  1. All the food shots made me so hungry:) Your blog has become my favorite food blog, I love how fresh all your food is and even though I eat meat your approach to food and using your veg to create flavour has changed my approach to cooking at home- like caramalizing onions and tomatoes to create flavour instead of using butter. This works really well for a clean eating lifestyle. Just had to send some love because I decided to make a really fresh salad Drea style for lunch, so yum:)

  2. Beautiful photography! Traveling with dietary restrictions is usually a challenge but you seem to have it down πŸ™‚


  3. Mmm, all sounds and looks delicious. I adore passionfruit too, it's one of my very favourite things. Oh, I could so do with a little holiday time in Mehico. Sigh. Very glad you had such a wonderful break.

  4. I also just returned from Tulum for a wedding at La Zebra and your photos bring back amazing memories. While I also enjoy traveling to new places, Tulum is a place that is so peaceful and relaxing that I hope to return to Tulum again this fall.

    And Alex's passionfruit drink, does sound amazing. I can't stop talking / dreaming / wishing for the strawberry basil mojioto that I had at Mateo's (

  5. That fruit!! I would be in heaven. I'm glad i'm not that only one who's holiday photos/thoughts always center around food and drinks. I'm vegan too, and never find it too difficult to eat vegan in foreign language speaking countries.

    I love coming home from somewhere new with new inspiration for meal ideas.

    The whole trip looks beautiful.


  6. These photos make me so hungry! I am a huge fan of your recipes and your clean style of eating. I can't begin to imagine all the amazing recipes you two concocted on this trip!