Since becoming a mom, one of my favorite things to do (that we don’t do nearly enough) is to bring friends to our house or show up at theirs and spend the day, night, or both, snacking on food, and letting the kids entertain themselves, while enjoying the company of other adults. Easy bliss. (When we don’t do this, and if we have a babysitter and Alex has off work, one of my favorites is fancy foodie date nights in Miami. And on nights Alex doesn’t have off, it’s date nights starting at midnight and dancing until the wee hours of the morning and not-shamefully kissing his face in public…. but anyway….. 😉
My friend Steph invited us over for a lesson in kombucha-making and a promise to attempt to make the most fabulous pizza ever. She burn’t everything in site. (I’m mostly kidding). There was a full house, lots of kids, beer, whiskey and kombucha for me (have you tried it? I recommend it), failed attempts at dinner making…. being rescued by Steph’s pizza dough knowledgeable brother and Alex too, kombucha (my favorite) making lessons by Chris, yeast and bacteria talks, embarrassment at the grossness of my vegan cheese (if you like daiya, I’m sorry), and a good amount of fun and sarcasm all around. 
I like these nights, I know I said it, but I do. I sometimes, (maybe embarrassingly enough) have dreams about days and nights like this, groups of us sitting around conversing and kiddos playing happily— not the most exciting dreams, but things I like and want nonetheless. I’ve now had six friends move away in the past year alone. SIX. And two of them, moms of little friends of Marlowe. Florida seems big, but it’s small enough where mostly everyone seems to know someone in some way. I’m happy to still not only have a fun bunch of friends around, but also a few to fill my life with food, sarcasm (yes, I’ve said it twice now, it’s a nice trait in my book), and with pretty rad kids for M to play with. I’d love if maybe they could all live right next door, but they’re luckily close enough and are awesome enough to make a drive for. I mean, really… can you go wrong with friends, homemade pizza, kombucha, handsome husbands, and happy kids? I think not. Those are the top for me.
Thank you Steph and Chris for a good time and my new kombucha scoby baby. I am beyond excited for my delicious (and money saving, phew) adventures in kombucha making. 
Also, speaking of date nights…. THIS one I wrote about a long time ago? I never mentioned how Alex actually proposed in the most embarrassing, amazing way. (Yes a second proposal! HERE are photos from the first one).  I have to share that story on day. It’s a long, but good one.


  1. I hear ya with those late night date nights. My boyfriend is a chef too. I'm always waiting up and staying up with him until 3AM. It's so worth it but its tough sometimes. Glad to hear you two still get your time together AND that you're going on vacation. My guy needs it so bad. 2 weeks for us! 🙂

  2. I totally like daiya, haha! But, to be fair, I haven't tried the cheddar style, just the mozzarella. Anyway, looks like a fun gathering!

  3. looks like a really fun time! i find it a wee bit difficult as an adult to make new friends, and, like you, i have had several friends move away & not return 🙁
    love the homemade kombucha. i've really been wanting to try that…have to make time soon!

    • I'm pretty sure ALL the mom friends I've made have been through this blog. I have a few long time friends who are moms, but they're all back north. A lot of my friends now I've met through many run in's with mutual friends or through work, otherwise, I really wouldn't know where to start.

      I've been wanting to make it forever…. don't know why it tok me so long!

  4. love these family photos! your daughter seems to be really enjoying herself. And I couldn't agree more with you- dinner with friends and families are the best. 🙂

  5. sarcasm really is the best trait. i have a hard time relating to people who don't get my sarcastic tendencies.

    • Seriously. It's especially hard on an online forum…. I never know if people can read through my sarcasm or if they're taking me seriously.

  6. I love kombucha, and found out you have to feed it or something. Kind of makes me a bit scared to try making it myself, but definitely worth a try!

    Making pizza is fun! And date nights are nice too! As for favorite things, I love making my own food, and I found your blog a while back searching for veg restaurants in the South FL area. I definitely want to check them all out one of these days. I think having friends over for good food and just chatting about whatever is what it's all about! I don't know many moms with kids my son's age (he's 2) but hopefully I'll meet some along the way. I see that you're in the area too! I'm in Boynton! 🙂

    • Yeah, its like any yeast feeding bacteria…. needs food to survive. In this case, tea and sugar.


      Boynton isn't too far. I was right next door when I lived in LW 🙂 Still closer than the friends in Delray or Miami I have 🙂