carryall tote bag: borboleta affair.

I found these photos the other day. I’ve had them all saved to post…. and then kind of skipped over them and forgot them completely. Half of them I snapped in quick moments. The other half my mom took while I tried to politely say “mom, please, we’re rushing and running late here!”  My only regret? Not taking those extra seconds and smiling for my mom who was trying to capture those moments for us—Alex was a much better sport about it. Originally we had planned to have our ceremony the day before our flight, but a week before we decided that there probably wouldn’t anything more fun (or romantic) than saying our vows, giving our kisses, and leaving the country. Nothing better than waking up to a rainy drizzle day, dressing yourself up, heading to the courthouse to marry the guy you love, grabbing falafel to go, eating out of styrofoam containers while toasting to champagne, and running out to jump on a plane to Mexico 🙂 Really though, nothing better. I would do it over and over and over again with him. 
And Marlowe still brings up our day, everyday. Waiting and hoping to grow up and wear “mama’s pretty dress.” One day, kid. 


  1. Love this-I've been contemplating on how to do our wedding too. We want a quick ceremony at the courthouse too.

  2. Yes… that dress is amazing and it looked perfect on you!!! It looked like a perfect romantic day!


  3. I think this is the most romantic way to get married, just an intimate moment with your family as you start you new journey. Congratulations again!


  4. love it! you all look fab! my sister did something a little similar. got married, had an afternoon reception, then headed off to ibiza for the week…with a few of us in tow! xx

  5. What beautiful pictures and what beautiful memories to treasure for always.

  6. Love your simple white dress! Perfect for a beach wedding too. Btw your daughter will look adorable as a little bridesmaid girl. :))