Accidental stripes on stripes on stripes. Easy mornings of markets, coffee, bread, spicy pickles, the intercoastal, and smoothie breaks. These hours are my favorite. Don’t stop believin’


  1. You have a sweet blog. I love that I stumbled upon a space that blogs about loving and living in my hometown of West Palm. I have lived in many places around the world for the last two decades but find missing it so much.

  2. Ah! Your blog makes me miss Florida so much Drea. I was born and raised in South Florida, lived there for about 20 years, and find myself missing it so much. Love these glimpses from your days.

  3. This post just makes me so happy. Love the water and how happy you all look.

    • american apparel! I have four— two colored ones, and two black ones. they are part of my every single day florida uniform. I'd be lost without them.

  4. I love that first photo…sweet Mama and Babe! I just picture future generations looking at that picture, trying to grasp what it must have felt like in that moment.