felt wrapped and glued around a headband: insta cat. 
clothes pin farm. 
proud artist. 
making paper planes to gang up and  hysterically throw at mom. side eye. 
finally a reason to break out my 10 year old origami paper. 
she calls glue “glitter”
We’ve hit a bit of a (really, really long) rainy patch over here in south florida. If we’re lucky, we get a spot of 10 minute sun here or there…. or SOMETIMES it will stop raining for two hours, but other than that “the clouds have been crying.” It hasn’t been awful though. With our day trip down to Miami, we were at least able to spend a few needed hours outside… and with a few extra cookies, movies, yoga moves, and a new really amazing craft book, we’ve been set. And by “it hasn’t been awful”, I mean “it’s been pretty awesome.”
Can I tell you that the thing I most looked forward to when I became pregnant was my future kid growing up and having craft time? Is that weird? As a late 20’s adult, I have no problem saying that arts and crafts is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. Other than her packages I set up for while we were away, and the occasional painting day, I hadn’t done much of the ‘art project’ thing with M. But after one quick scroll through of her (my) our new craft book, I was all about doing anything and everything we could. Craft time: it’s happening. I’m realizing, that the future is now, my kid and I are going to be able to live in art. 
But as I finish this post…. the sun is shining for the first time in almost two weeks so I’m off to plan a beach day with my long lost back-in-town friend, Morgan (who played doggie to my kitty child) this rainy week. Crossing my fingers the sun stays, but if not: more crafts.

edit: 3 minutes later: it’s not. back to crafts (&probably pizza today too).


  1. This rain is making my watermelons rot on the vine. Womp womp.

    But I think this post has inspired me to craft today. Maybe I'll make some t-shirt yarn!


  2. These photos are just too adorable! I hope to be a crafty mom–haha. These are great ideas..I feel like I should pin them! lol.

  3. I love that you still have craft supplies from when you were a kid. so do I and crafting books. Get out of my head!

  4. I love that you still have craft supplies from when you were a kid. so do I and crafting books. Get out of my head!

  5. I'm pretty surprised that you are in Florida and I am in the UK……..and it hasn't rained here for weeks! The sun? well, its immensely hot – too hot at times! but for once I get to water the garden with the actual hosepipe – yay!
    I've only recently found your blog (about 2 weeks ago) – spent a good long time browsing your posts and I have been checking back every day…..I love it when a blogger inspires me to keep coming back 🙂
    Love reading your posts Drea

    Emma (Dear Thirty Blog)

  6. Oh my gosh I love rain. Except when I have laundry to hang up. My boyfriend used to stick his finger in my dog's mouth while he was yawning. To make him realise how horrible it is to have your yawn interrupted, I did it to him. Now he thinks about it every time he yawns 😀

  7. i use to love crafting as a child & can't wait to do it with my kids too. we had all that rain last week & the beginning of this week. hopefully, it'll move away from you soon! speaking of pizza, i'm making fig pizza for dinner tonight. excited!

    • oh wait. duh. you mean print as in the drawing, not print as in textile…. right? Alex actually made it! He was an art major. We might actually have a few more (screen) prints. I can ask if you're interested 🙂

  8. I am so excited to be able to do arts and crafts with my baby when he gets old enough! Marlow looks like she's having so much fun!

  9. Craft time is my favorite time. I looked forward to it prior to ever even being pregnant and now we do "art" constantly. Even if a lot of the time it has to have farkles (glitter) and my husband cries loudly about that. We don't care.