While visiting my sister in law and the new(ish) babycakes of hers, I got antsy, asked for a pair of scissors and snipped M a new pair of bangs. Her very first haircut, on a whim, in the middle of my brothers living room (but don’t worry, I’m leaving her curly locks for as long as I can, because I’m certain, those baby curls— they won’t come back after sniping). Marlowe has been on and off with bows (bobby pins too) and letting me tie up her hair, for the past few weeks— she ALWAYS wants it down, which is fine, I never expect her to wear a bow, but the constant hair in her eyes was driving me nuts. So we did it: bangs. At first I was like “errr was this a good idea?” But then the next day: we did it shorter. And you know what? I think she is just darling. And so much more grown up looking! I swear, cutting her hair, made her legs grow two inches longer. I don’t talk much about M these days and her passing months. I’ve had a longer blog post about the ‘terrible twos’ or whatever sitting in drafts for about a month now… that seems to be the average for many (or at least some anyway) blog posts these days: two+ weeks in drafts before it gets posted. She’s been growing, growing, growing. &Well, I just want to eat her up.
And her first tiny ponytail? Ugh. She was so little!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. she is adorable! I look forward to the day that my little has enough hair that I can make the haircut call (or not) 🙂

  2. Ahh, so cute! I love bangs on her, she is such a darling little gal! I'm impressed with your bang cutting skills-I wouldn't dare!

  3. That is the sweetest haircut! I'm definitely a on a whim hair trimmer, it kind of breaks my heart to cut the curls, but it looks so much better after!

  4. She looks great–good job! And I'm in love with the woven suitcase/bag next to the drum set and that cute top she is wearing. Did you make it?

  5. oh no, this just made me cry! My sister in law cut my daughter's hair a few weeks back without even bothering to ask me and I was devastated. I know those baby curls are gone for good 🙁
    Marlowe looks so adorable 🙂

  6. i will attest to your theory. once you snip, the curls don't come back. your babe might be lucky though. i kicked myself for a while after cutting my daughter's hair and never seeing her curls again. eh. mom lessons.
    and she looks precious!

  7. She looks very cute, I can't believe how tall she's got over the last 12 months since I started following your blog.

  8. she is such a cutie.

    I have naturally curly hair and my mom chopped it when I was about 3 and it was a good 7 years later before the curls returned. she tells me regularly how much she regretted giving me that cut!


    • same here. no curls now, just waves, but my mom chopped it at 3 and they never came back.

  9. Such a little beauty queen! She looks so grown up with bangs! You did a good job 🙂