(pepper too)
not incredibly necessary for this meal, but a good book nonetheless.
salsa choices are important.

(aka a thick tortilla)
dot & army cloth napkins— they won’t make your meal taste better, but pops of color help.
Monday is a good time to start thinking about a mini mexican feast, right? I mean, how convenient for Monday to fall just before taco Tuesday every week 🙂
(I could eat this meal everyday.)
The beans aren’t pictured, but they were filled with (my very favorite) smoked paprika. Any style of your favorite beans (or protein) will do, but we’re partial to pinto beans for things like this… a close second: black beans. (you can check out this super old post for more ideas).
The toppings all hit the taste and texture spot, but I imagine know pickling the radish would give an extra flavor explosion to your taste buds.
(Since someone may ask, the cheese was for the sopes-making man, not us ladies.)
The salsas were leftovers from a few days earlier. The green, a spicy tomatillo we made. The red, a basic pico. If you make me choose, I’d probably always pick the tomatillo, but I don’t like to play favorites, so I just alternate between the two.
Have you ever had fried corn? I grew up with it… and really, REALLY love it. I don’t tend to cook things with a lot of salt (though I am for sure a savory over sweet girl), but fried corn? It’s my salty (not incredibly) guilty treat. It’s the easiest and fastest thing to make. I typically just use frozen sweet corn (could it get easier?), but on this lucky week, I found organic fresh corn on the cob (so rare, practically impossible— like the yeti or the loch ness monster, just a myth these days).
It’s all super delicious, and always an easier meal to put together than it looks. Leftovers with this meal? Also just a fictional tale, this meal is a family favorite. It is just so so good.
fried corn:
Pour a little oil in a sauté pan, heat it up, toss in your corn, sprinkle lots of salt and pepper and cook until brown and popping.
green salsa:
char grill tomatillos, green chiles, onions, garlic. blend with cilantro. add lime and salt to taste.
red salsa:
dice tomatoes and onions. chop cilantro. toss with lime, salt, pepper.
rub together 2 cups masa arena and a 1/4 cup vegetable shortening. mix in 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 water. add a pinch of salt. knead by hand 3 – 4 minutes until a smooth ball. form 8 golf ball sized balls. press in tortilladora, about 4 inches in diameter. cook on very hot skillet until blistered. serve immediately.
Happy day before taco-tuesday! 🙂


  1. Just out of curiosity, what is your nationality? You seem to have so much mexican influence in your cooking and decorating style so one would think!

    • my mom is colombian. my dad is canadian. Alex's dad is cuban. We both grew up with spanish influences in our lives 🙂

    • me too. and indian. pretty much anything that is veggie or bean based with a bread vessel and toppings.

  2. Have a friend over for dinner and was thinking I wanted something spicey:) Its mid-winter here but today is so warm and I feel like summery food I think this will hit the spot..looks so yum!

  3. Seriously the food at your house always looks so delicious. I'm going to try your red salsa recipe, I was thinking of making a 'Southwestern' type of salad tonight (hold the chips!)and this will fit right in!

  4. These look so good, I love Mexican food, want to start cooking out properly, rather than just making it up or using the jars we get in the UK.

    • When we really make a mexican meal, we make everything fresh, but if I want or need a quick meal for M and I, I am not above using a jarred salsa fast fast.

  5. Oh how delicious it always looks at your house. The cookbook looks wonderful too. I think I shall defintely try the fried corn. The torilladora is a fantastic thing – and I have learnt a new word today!

  6. Oh lord. You are really making life hard for me 😉 I am always craving this ,exactly this. I don't have any way of making corn tortillas — BUT THAT TORTILLADORA IS ONLY $20 ON AMAZON (!) therefore you have likely created a monster 😛

    Also: organic fresh corn on the cob is EVERYWHERE in northern California right now .. just saying. 😉

    • Good thing Alex and I were looking for plane tickets to CA last night….. just saying.

    • Amber- homemade tortillas are to die for!! order that thing asap…..you won't regret it!!

      Drea- if you come to northern california, ill be your free tour guide lol

  7. I'm a total addict. I blogged today about tacos too! This looks gorgeous x

    • you can totally order them on amazon. We picked one up in mexico and alex tried to bring it on the plane but they wouldn't let him for fear that "it could be a weapon" (very heavy, could knock someone out). But actually making them is super easy. We used paper between the metal and the tortilla, but a lot of recipes will actually recommend plastic wrap to keep from sticking/breaking.

    • I'm always sceptical getting things form ebay that I haven't seen in real life. I got a pasta roller a while ago and its pretty pants. But i'll give it a go! Pretty excited to make my own tortillas. !


    • I think the most current statistic is that under 3% of US corn is actually organic, non genetically modified. I can't for the life of me find the link where I just saw this (about two weeks ago), so don't hold me to it— but the numbers, whatever they may exactly be are completely jaw dropping. At this rate it is 100% certain that our grandchildren will never have organic corn. It's sad, really sad. Chemicals for everyone! (side eye. not funny.)