It is no secret that we love all things brightly colored, beautifully patterned, or of perfect textile. We are so incredibly obsessed with Life’s Little Thrills shop. The shoes are bright, beautiful, can sparkle up any outfit, brighten up any cloudy day, and are perfect for anything (except maybe mountain hiking or scuba diving or something). Life’s Little Thrills features kids AND adult shoes along with a bunch of GORGEOUS Guatemalan dresses (like this one and this one!!!) and handbags too. Being that I almost wear black, blue, or grey, I LOVE my huaraches to brighten up my outfits. And while Marlowe hasn’t outright told me that she loves them yet, I think the fact that she BEGS to wear them says quite a bit 🙂
If you haven’t checked out the shop yet (in the side bar over there —-> ) now is a good time, because shoes are selling quickly! In the meantime, Jasmine, shop owner (blogger too) is here to tell you a bit about her company 🙂 
Hello! My name is Jasmine and I’m the curator of the Life’s LittleThrills Shop. I was born and raised in Guatemala and moved to the U.S. when I was 13 years old. Guatemala is a beautiful, colorful country located just south of Mexico, in Central America.
(Each “huipil” (fabric) could take her about a month to make depending on the size)

I’ve always loved “lo tipico” (crafts made with textile fabric) and decided to promote these amazing works made by artisans in Guatemala. Each pair of caites (huaraches / sandals) is a unique, handcrafted piece, which is the reason why no two pairs are ever the same. Each one represents the hard work and livelihood of the indigenous people in Guatemala. And that makes me proud. My heart fills with joy and honor when I see other women and their little ones wearing the caites.  
I work closely with different indigenous artisans and receive shipments of various products on a continuous basis. If your size or desired color is not available, send me an email at and I can do my best to request one.
You can also find me on IG @lifeslittlethrills_shop
Thank you!
Be sure to check out Jasmine’s shop, IG, and personal blog 🙂 
Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. What a wonderful company — I love supporting local artisans & crafts. And their things are so colorful and beautifully made! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Those are so cute (do you also find that shoes are some of the many things that are cuter when they are smaller? We are two very, very tall ladies over here and sandals never look quiet that adorable if they're made for giants:-) )

    Love from Germany,
    Birdy and Bambi