Sanbelle: anti-bacterical, sun-protecting, anti static, anti moisture clothing for you’re littlest ones and they’re first year of life. 
Day &night: no germs, less sunblock and UV worries, no sweaty moisture build up, &no jerry hair (or whatever hair your house might be filled with) sticking to your little ones. 
Basically, a great option for anyone, anywhere… especially for those of us living in the maybe hotter, stickier places on this earth. 
What’s better? Not only does Sanbelle offer a ton of new baby benefits, along with being incredibly soft and comfy, but also, it’s a new family run company 🙂
Also, as a bonus Sanbelle is offering all ohdeardrea readers an additional 10% off any item purchased on Amazon (which also means free shipping for all your Amazon prime members!)
Use discount code: DEARDREA

You can find Sanbelle on:


  1. I need this for myself since I have Twiggy, Mitzi and Jeff hair sticking to me 🙂