artichoke, cheery tomatoes, roasted garlic, marinated in herb olive oil— not made by me, but brought home by alex (with focaccia!) as a midnight snack— a delicious midnight snack. 

You may (or completely may not) have noticed, I haven’t been posting too much of the things on toast lately. I actually haven’t been eating much bread. (It’s been shocking to much too.) I haven’t been asking Alex to bring it home. On occasion he will still bring home a basket of sourdough to make in the morning (my favorite), but I’ve been aiming towards a less carb-y life. It’s been going pretty well. I mean, I still had toast for the past two days, but it’s not an every day occurrence like before 🙂 I made this really odd, but ah-maz-ing toast yesterday. I’ll share it soon. Also, Alex and I made a super berry yummy dessert yesterday to share on the blog (see what I did there? berry yummy?) I’ll be posting that soon soon. Also speaking of gluten, I tried gluten free beer for the first time this week. That did not do the trick. While it tasted decent enough, I still feel like my face got ran over by an allergy truck. But hey, now I’m certain it’s not the gluten in beer, it’s gotta be the hops or barley. No more beer (again) for me. No beer, no problem, it’s been months since I had it anyway, but def. worth a shot!  
Happy new week, everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend! 


  1. Just gotta stick with vodka, then. 😉 I am moving away from the SF Bay Area in a week and realizing I need to learn to make sourdough. I'm going to be going through withdrawal!

    • and whiskey.

      And no matter where you are, the sourdough will always be better in SF. It's the magic in the water.

    • I know!! I sob. I could buy the starter, but it'll always change over time to the place you're at. Maybe I need to pony up for the expensive bread.

  2. You might be allergic to the yeast – a friend of mine also has to avoid beer and bread, but not because of the gluten. It affected her weight, her skin, and her general health. Maybe ask your doctor?

  3. You might be allergic to the yeast – a friend of mine also has to avoid beer and bread, but not because of the gluten. It affected her weight, her skin, and her general health. Maybe ask your doctor?

    • nah. def. not yeast. I eat a lot of sourdough. its just the beer. and I have no doctor. womp.

    • it kind of just happened. he wasn't bringing it home and I was asking for it… and I was like "well, I guess this is supposed to be healthier, right??" but I ate A LOT maybe TOO MUCH bread this monday and sunday. waugh waugh.

  4. My husband gets all red in the face from alcohol, sometimes but not always. Beer will pretty consistently cause the reaction for him, whereas he can pretty much always drink a bloody mary without problems. Scott seems to think it's "Asian flush" ( but then, he's not Asian, so… I don't know if I agree 😉 Either way, he rarely drinks because of it, so I always have a DD. I win!

    • haha, yeah if he's not asian… i don't know. but yeah, I can drink most anything else with zero problems. But after two beers last night, my face was bright red and slowly puffing. I woke up this morning with a swollen face and watery red eyes. I was not the most attractive.

  5. My boyfriend is trying to lose weight, but I need bread, so now we only have it on weekends. It's going pretty well and makes our weekends special again since we both work from home and don't have any other difference to our days.

    • I would be the a-hole who hits bread somewhere to eat while he's not around 😉

    • Haha, I make myself cupcakes when he leaves the house sometimes. We had a fight about him wanting to cut out bread completely once and that's how we ended up with this compromise. We used to go through phases of eating either completely healthy or completely unhealthy stuff and one of us was always frustrated. Now we're both happy. By the end of the weekend I'm ready for salad again 😀

  6. The toast looks so good! For your allergy – It is possible that it could be the histamines in the alcohol. I started having allergic reactions last year to all forms of alcohol and I think it is the histamines created when it ferments, some drinks have more than others.

    • Hm maybe. I mean, i don't usually get sick at all with anything else… except for the headache I get if I have two-three glasses after weeks of not having it. But I wouldn't be surprised!

    • it's berry season! duh! They're never sweeter! (except maybe January in florida…. cause that's our strawberry season too 😉

  7. berry yummy and your tomatoes are also cheery! 😉 i have had the no beer, no bread thing going on for almost two years now. the body changes i tell you…. xo