This is often the case. 
So we started this. 
Which more times than not… still winds up like this. 
Anyone find working out difficult with kids? Uh yeah. Obviously. You can read about my “working out” and “yoga” journey sad attempt in this and this old post. Well, depending on the week, I’m (sometimes) still happy to say I’m still doing it! I’m working out! But some weeks that would be the most laughable statement ever. I think assumptions are always stupid, but I think it’s pretty obvious that you can look at me and know I’m not the most athletically inclined person. Right? Yeah. You know, it’s not that I’m a lazy lump, cause I’m definitely not, I like to move through out the day, as often as possible (most days anyway). Sitting and doing nothing is booooooring (for me, maybe not you. I’m just not good at the relaxing thing. This is not a brag, probably the opposite). 
People tell you, that once you start, its addicting. You fall into this routine that you won’t want to break out of….. well about one (or two) year(s) of on and off working out later, I’m still waiting for that normal body-wanting routine to kick in. 
I’ve noticed I go in and out of full weeks that I’m really good at keeping up with everything, I’ve got a good routine, one workout video (cringe), then a break, then another, and I keep going. Then there’s weeks where I’m like “oh shit, way to do nothing, drea.” I like the workout weeks better, obviously. I feel good about it, I sleep better, I’m incredibly sore… but that good sore, you know? I’m all those good things the workout and body-experts tell you you’ll be, if you work out.
A few of the yoga people I talk to… okay, well theres only one… so the one yoga person I regularly talk to, keeps nudging me to go to a studio. I dream of this— clearing your head, no worries of whats going on in your home or not, no kid climbing on top of you. Perfect.  Did I mention I did yoga on a rooftop in Mexico? The yoga community in Tulum is HUGE– it’s like the thing. Well, our airbnb host, Fanny, also happens to be a yoga instructor. If you ever happen to be in Tulum, and want to try this yoga thing with someone or have your own private session, I recommend you look her up. (this is her site). One, yoga on a rooftop is amazing. Especially when its a private session and you look to your left and all you see is sky and ocean of blue and look to your right and see a jungle of green. Two, she helped me figure out what poses I’ve been doing correctly, incorrectly, or ones I’m just needing to move just a smidgen of a hair for. Her, like my one yoga friend, also nudged and encouraged for me to try to get out to a studio. I’ll be honest, I don’t think me regularly being part of a yoga studio or a gym is in my future anytime soon. Other than our trip to Tulum, we usually keep it pretty tight on money. I can justify spending a bit of extra money from time to time on specialty food and produce, or we have the occasional date night once or twice a month, or of course for fun events for Marlowe and I to do or for the three of us to do as a family, but I don’t see myself taking away from the money we have for a gym or studio. Have you looked into studio prices lately? I have. Around here: expensive. 
Anyway, so I’ve been trying to fall into a routine or some sort at home. It’s not super easy with a kid. Well, lets be honest, even without a kid it’s not super easy. It takes A LOT of motivation. And then with a kid, lets say you get that motivation, it takes time. And unless I’m plopping M down in front of a movie (I have done this), it’s not happening when she’s awake. One thing that has helped, is getting her her own mat (it’s from Uncommongoods Kids— and on sale now, I might mention). I thought it would be nice to be able to put her video on and put my video on side by side and do it together. I usually end up with a 30 pound weight on top of me— which is no help at all (well, it could be depending on how you look at it). But it has helped in a way, because I can put it on for her to do alone— or at least start with her and continue my routine later, and get more things done that I wouldn’t be able to do. It allows me to worry less when she’s napping or sleeping, giving me that time to do my own video. (I’m mostly done with a very long post and still cringing every time I say I do a workout video). She LOVES doing her yoga. At first she would sit, hesitantly, not wanting to try any of the moves (except for down dog), but once she warmed up to it, she loves it. She’ll pull out her mat, lay it flat, and do a pose or two and then ask for her video. It’s pretty freaking adorable. 
As for me, I’m not as adorable…. and I need to find a bit more motivation. Mornings are impossible. Alex and I’s only time together is between the hours of 11 pm and 1 am. So rising before everyone else is mostly out of the question. Zombie yoga? Nap times are hard, because its when I clean, blog, email, or get ready for dinner. After bedtime, It’s usually a waiting game for 40 minutes or so until I know she’s asleep and won’t interrupt me. She’s usually asleep by 9:15, then I have another hour and a half or two until I can expect Alex.It’s also my time where I shower, clean, and blog. And once he’s home, forget about it. I embarrass myself when I do it, theres no way I would do it in front of other people. Part of me feels like this is a list of excuses (and sometimes the late night thing is), but really, I’m curious to know what routines other moms make for themselves to accomplish work out time? Where do you guys find your motivation? Or did you just keep doing it until that addicting routine magically showed up? (still waiting). Do you work out from home? Or have you found it impossible? I could go on and on with questions, but really the main thing is, how do you do it? and do you have tips? 
I’ve mentioned most of these links before, but a fair amount of people have asked for what I’ve liked best, and while my list of things (videos) I’ve tried isn’t terribly long, here’s what I’ve mostly liked: 
This is my go to: 
It’s not real yoga. Sometimes it reminds me more of something I should be doing in a leotard and leggings, but it gets the job done. It’s a blend of work out video, yoga, and pilates. 1. it’s incredibly cheap (if you buy the amazon video version). 2. it’s not very difficult. It gives you easy ideas of how to adjust to make it easier if you’d like (lately I haven’t been doing the crunches). 3. It still feels like a decent work out. On the weeks I haven’t been working out often, I do wake up good sore from it. I’m tempted to purchase the disc set, to keep an easy, but useful case of options around. 
This is how I challenge myself:
On the weeks I’ve been working harder and feeling good, I do this. It’s a huge program. 11 disks or something….. and I’ve never fully made it through one of them. Almost one (the cardio one) but then I realized after I skipped about 8 minutes of it. This would be best for someone who has a lot of arm strength— I can’t keep up with the vinyasa’s. If you’re wanting to get super serious about yoga, I do recommend this and maybe just cutting the routines shorter. I’m getting closer and closer being able to keep up with the program. Looking at the girls in the video is pretty good motivation to keep going— holy hot athletic bod, ladies. 
I’ve tried this:
I liked it, but found it a bit slow. Good for someone wanting to try real yoga (not a pilate work out blend), but isn’t ready for a whole difficult strength training program. I gave it to my mom, I’ll probably take it back when I go up in September, she’s not using it anyway. 

This is ridiculous:
Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout on the Planet! Have you heard of Diamond Dallas Page? I hadn’t. (It’s a wrestler) It’s his work out program. I don’t do the routines, I found them a bit silly, but I really love the core workout he has. It’s not just a bunch of crunches, its a bunch of different positions to really work out that core. I need to do this more. 
Marlowe’s video: silly, but she likes it. 
&Marlowe’s mat can be found HERE.  
I think my short term plan/goal, is to at least get back to doing the pilates/yoga blend every other day (it’s currently about every 3 days). Once I’ve built up that routine and energy again, to start alternating a few of the other ones I’ve mentioned into there, but like I said, if you have tips—- not to get out to a gym or studio, but to get things done at home while following a kids routine, I’d love to hear them 🙂 
ps. That top photo, it’s an old one, it can’t be more than 6 months ago…. look how much she’s grown! 


  1. Working out at all is hard for me. My boyfriend also told me today that you get addicted if you start, but I don't think it'll happen with me. I don't have any kind of routine on my life. Maybe if I can organise my days better I'll decide on a time to exercise and just do it. But it;s winter now, so it probably won't happen soon.

  2. I'm thinking about using yoga in my classroom someday! I have read some great things about it and can't wait to try it. This post will help out too!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  3. I am terrible at yoga, I have slightly better results with pilates. The workout I found that suited me was cycling -but it has to be in a group/class setting. After my first was born I didn't workout for a year, then I joined the Y and would sneak off to do the 5:30 AM workout – it was rough, but it was the only way I would get a workout in. Now we have two and I have no idea when I will again have the time and money to join a gym. Working out at home is so difficult, especially with kids! I keep telling the dog, "tomorrow I am going to wake up early and we are going on a big walk!" Lies. All lies.

  4. I love yoga, but hated the struggle to get into the right space in my head in spite of really enthusiastic helpers. I sound like a brat, but I don't really think it's super cute when a kid *repeatedly* gets between you and the mat, KWIM? Made me miss when it was just the cat getting in my way, LOL. It gets easier as the kids get older, though. 😀

  5. Love it! I can not sit to relax either, it's just not me. It's definitely my husband, but not me. I started doing yoga recently after the birth of my youngest & my two year old LOVES doing it with me! It's so cute! Sometimes it's frustrating, but those days I just wait until nap time or I try to focus more on the time we are spending together, not so much the yoga 🙂 I can't wait to check out the links! 🙂

  6. I love reading your posts and you have inspired me to try new veggies ( I cook artichokes now ! Yay me lol!) ok so I'm a mom to a 3 year old and a one year old . I too stick to a tight budget and can't see spending $ on what I can do myself , sooo with help from my hubby I get an hour sometimes hour and a half all to myself !!! I lock the door to my room put on my cute motivating workout clothes and play my YouTube playlists ( blogilates , insanehomefatloss ) it's a great way to unwind from the baby chasing all day ! It was hard at first but when I felt the energy gain and mood boosts then the physical changes ! It keeps me going ! I set goals and then when I reach them I get to splurge on a new tank top or yoga pants lol 🙂 more motivation ! I have dinner with the littlest by 430 , then bath time n clean up , the kids get daddy time and I get to it ! There's always a way : ) thank you for sharing ! You're realness is so refreshing !

  7. I'm not a mom, but finding motivation to exercise is definitely something I've struggled with. Recently, a friend turned me onto Blogilates. Have you heard of it? The instructor, Cassey, is cheesy but really cute. She works you hard and inspires you throughout every workout. The best thing for me is that the workouts she has on Youtube are only about 10-15 minutes on average, meaning I can squeeze in videos in the morning, at work, before I go to bed, or whenever. It's totally changed my attitude about finding the time to workout because I really have no excuse to NOT do a 10 minute workout. Thanks for sharing, Drea, good luck!

    ♥ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  8. Roozle and I recently found a class for kids and their parents that we loved. We went together, put our mats next to each other and had an awesome time. We're going to start going every Monday this fall.

    • ohhhh to live in Boston and have awesome options! I must look more!

  9. I don't have kids, but I wanted to say that even without kids, like you said, finding a routine and making time to work out is HARD. I teach preschool special ed, which is a very tiring and challenging job, so for many months I would just go home and collapse. Especially during the snowy dark winters, it's easy to fall into a routine that doesn't involve any extra effort. I joined the YWCA this spring, and developed a routine where I'd go to the gym right after work (only a few blocks from work), and then go home and do evening stuff. I basically added it in as an almost-daily element, and it stuck. I would bring my gym stuff with me, and bring or buy a snack for before/after so I wouldn't die from hunger.

    The Y that I go to is $42 a month, if you visit 12 times per month (otherwise its $62 a month). That includes free classes, including yoga. I think that's a pretty good deal! Maybe there's something similar in your area?

    Your time is limited, though, as you described! It's so hard to keep up with even the basics, sometimes. I think I've learned to make exercise a priority, and even a necessity. Something I need to do, rather than something to try to fit in once in awhile. But I feel for you. There is not enough time in the freakin' day.

    • I've been meaning to drive to the local Y and find out prices, I haven't yet! I'll have to go this week for sure 🙂

      42$ for a single pass right? I need to look into all the options I doubt Alex would have time to do anything at the Y ever, but maybe a family pass would work. Either way, thanks for reminding me.

      Also, I can't imagine how tired you would be after that job. It takes A LOT of patience and a lot of work. Kuddos to you man!

    • Yes, $42 for a single! I wonder how much a family pass is. Oh, and my Y has a childcare room where kids can play and be taken care of while grown ups work out! Maybe that's typical of all Ys, but I thought it was pretty neat.

      Thanks for the kudos! It IS hard. It's such a wide range of kids, too… Autism, Down Syndrome, speech delays, seizure disorders… the list goes on. I have some pretty gnarly scratch and bite scars, too! Adding in a workout after being with kids all day was a great way to expend that extra stress and built up energy. (I have the summer off, thank goodness.)

      Good luck!!

  10. Drea, I really love your blog… Thank you! I too love yoga but can't justify the expense for studio sessions. My godsend was . It's a fantastic site with extensive FREE yoga videos. You can choose your difficulty level, and their classes range in length from ten minutes to nearly two hours. I've never done the two hour classes, but the shorter ones leave you with one less excuse, because fifteen minutes of yoga is better than none. Fiji McAlpine is a great teacher if you want to be inspired by good technique, and several others might be a little more personable. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you!

      And today, I was sitting on the couch right after I put M to nap, quickly responding to emails, and this comment popped up. I took it as a sign, unrolled the mat, and went to the site 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Have you looked on Groupon or Livingsocial for yoga class deals in your area? That's what I do with breaks in between when life is busy or I can't find a deal. It requires you to hop from studio to studio because most won't let you use a coupon if you've been there in the last year, but it also allows you to see the best ones in your area without being disappointed because you shelled out a lot of money for a monthly membership and you hate it. I just paid $30 for 10 classes.

    • I looked before and gave a raised eyebrow. I'm always slightly skeptical with group on (I've never used it). Thats a steal of a deal, I will def. give it a look tonight 🙂

  12. Fanny was the yoga instructor for my friend's wedding at La Zebra. I had planned to do more while I was down there but the beach and cervezas got into the way 🙂

    I must be at studio to do yoga, it helps me reach postures that I wouldn't do by myself at home. And yes, it is expensive. I'm in Denver and even with a student punch card it's about $12 session, $20 walk in.

    • Fun! Fanny is really great If we make it back to Tulum, I'm def. looking her up again.

      Yeah, those are the about the prices here 17$ – 25$ easy.

      So let's say I make it to only two sessions a week, that's 40$ a week. Over 2,000$ a year—- thats security money, my mortgage for almost half the year, a big chunk of saving that could be going into M's future, a week long vacation for my family—- thats a lot of money to be spending for 2 hours a week. I've always been super super cautious with money, it's why I got to support my kid with a for truck job. Ugh. Sometimes I wish I could just do it though (or even spend the money on clothes or other random things) and not think about all the other details, but my head isn't wired that way (it's my dads genes).

      I might try to take some advice from others though and look into the Y or something, because then if M gets something out of it too, I'll be like "okay go!" hopefully 🙂

      Also, I hear you on the cerveza's on the beach, I imagined doing yoga a ton down there…. but you know 😉

  13. I love yoga classes- I have a hard time quieting my head when I'm in my house. I also have not been able to make it routine, but I love trying new studios on vacation.

    • I can quiet myself—- usually because WHEN I do it, it's 10 pm, Jerry is pooped, M is sleeping, Alex isn't home yet, the house is clean, and I turn down the lights, and it's my quiet time….. my bigger problem is 1. getting myself up to do it. 2. not stopping. Sometimes I just get up and I'm like "okay I'm done" for NOTHiNG.

  14. Have you ever watched Hot Male Yoga? It should still be on Netflix. Drink a beer, watch it and laugh. You're welcome. 🙂

    • Sure, let me sit, and drink a beer, this is exactly like working out. SIDE EYE.

      (I'll do it tonight, with tequila)


  15. It's always when you really want to be alone when the kids just stick like glue! Even my cat would come sit on my yoga mat!
    I love love love attending studio sessions but a) I just can't justify $12+ each time and b) feel to guilty asking someone to watch my kid so I can do yoga….
    Plus, when home Im just thinking about the cleaning/cooking/everything else I need to be doing…
    My solution was just finding a good deal on a regular gym (24 hour fitness for $29/mo) I only go for yoga. I know the classes I like, and there's a kids club that my son loves to go to for $3

    • exactly. The grandparents take M overnight every once in a while— usually because they ask us, not because we ask them, but I can't imagine asking anyone to watch her so I can go to a yoga class— and then have to pay for a yoga class. I should look for a gym with a kids club type thing. The ones I found when I looked, didn't have a 3$ fee they were just SUPER expensive!

  16. I do Barre3 and I love it! It's only $15 a month for unlimited videos online and they have a ton of options and their videos are designed for busy Mom's. It's a really great blend of yoga, ballet, and pilates.

  17. Working out with or without a kid is challenging but when you have a kid you have to really want to make the time to do it. For about 2 years after I had my daughter I had a list of reasons why I couldn't go. I'm not a morning person, I don't want to take extra time away from my daughter, I don't want to work-out late at night….the list could go on forever. I finally decided I had to give in some place if I was gonna do it. I started working out 3 times a week during my lunch break and then once on the weekend. I also started meeting friends to run so I would feel like I couldn't just duck out at the last minute if I didn't want to go. You are doing great:) Do what you can, when you can!

    • Yeah, I think like good eating and everything else, I really REALLY need to start looking at it as (more of) a lifestyle change. I did mostly, when I lived in my other home, Alex would take M for a night, and I could walk to the gym. Now one of my excuses is "it takes away from family time." We have so little time together. Alex hardly has Alex time, so I would feel guilty to be like "brb, me time" on his day off. I need to start making M do laps at the beach with me 😉

  18. haha love the last photo-this is exactly how my yoga ends up too. Or a fussy baby at my legs wanting me to pick her up.

    • M doesn't get fussy [during yoga], its like I give her a silly monster pill where she feels like jumping on me is necessary. Oh to be momssssss.

  19. YOU COULD TALK TO ME ABOUT YOGA ! I am obsessed! I couldn't do it at home, though — I love taking classes and the ambiance in a studio.

  20. So funny you wrote this post today; I am working out during my little guy's nap time and made sure I did a bunch of other stuff before he fell asleep so I could have a full hour for yoga! I'm working on doing it 2-3 times a week for the next 2 months – wish me luck! 😉

  21. omg, thank you so much for the links, I've been trying to find a good yoga video for my 3 year old, but to be honest we only have tried once, and she began to laugh and act silly so we weren't able to finish haha.. i will definitely try it. great blog!!

    • you're welcome!

      Ms video has some calming poses and some for kids to let out a bit of sillies. The first time I put it on I was like "what is this SH*T?" but now, we both are fans.

  22. Working out with a child is HARD. I don't have time/money/inclination to join a yoga studio either, so I do it at home, in my office when I need a break and even on occasion on my back porch while my kiddo plays. My favorite part of doing yoga with her is when I'm doing a balance pose and she basically comes and knocks me down by hanging on my dangling leg. Or she tells me to "stop doing yogurt, mama!" Yeah….It's hard. I have no advice….I can only commiserate. 🙂

    • I've never thought about doing it outside… If I can put up some more privacy hedges, this might be my new winter plan. And yeah, Marlowe never ever wants as many hugs as she does when its yoga time.