almost, right? almost.
anyone know if I can grow artichokes in south florida? I know california is like the capital– the mecca of all things artichoke…. but I want them here too.
marlowe’s favorite flower.
We’ve been home a few days now and up pretty late most nights tackling a lot of home projects and improvements. (thank you time change!) Also, after a brief stint of cold, the heat doesn’t seem to slow us down anymore. This weekend, we’re hopefully working on the yard and bbq-ing with family. I’ll be back soon with a great giveaway! Happy weekend, friends!*my shorts: here.


  1. I live in coastal central florida and have had a hard time with artichokes. But I do have some friends who have had great success. Looks like a nice trip!

  2. Wow the sea looks beautiful! Deep blue sea and gorgeous blue sky. Seems like a great family day. 🙂

  3. san gregorio?!!! next time you're passing through y'all should come over and play with our goats and chickens!

    • maybe!? no idea! It was someone on highway one (obviously). a little bit south of half moon bay.

  4. I put my head on one side and that photo looked perfect:) The last picture is beautiful, you look quite content I think. Glad you are safely home and that you all had a lovely time. Sounds like you have lots of energy now you've had a break!


    This link explains it more, but technically yes, they'll grow and overwinter. But the heat where you live may fry them or make them not produce nice fat buds.

    Where I moved from (SF Bay area) people grew them in their front yards both for the veggies and for the crazy huge purple flowers, since they're really just a type of thistle. I recently moved to NC and we are now borderline for chokes.

    • I def. think it will be too hot here. That id day sun is killer. But who knows maybe we can do it seasonally in winter!

  6. The greatest days are the ones filled with all of your favorite things and people. Also, I love your hair in these photos. I've tried emulating it since your wedding photos, but I can't quite get the hang of it. I'll need to try again! You look beautiful.

    • I'm going to do a tutorial! It's actually very easy! I don't even use a mirror most of the time! And this was like… slept in-next day hair.

  7. I cannot choose a favorite photo from this set. They are all so beautiful. The lighting…i die. And those orchids. So gorgeous.

    • isn't the lightening gorgeous?!! I don't get natural light in my kitchen like I thought I would… this kitchen had dream lighting.

  8. LOVE! This trip looks pretty freaking awesome!! and you all look so happy and peaceful!

    What kind of camera is Alex using???

    • It's my brother's fujifilm that's on loan to me…. but I just looked it up and I'm startled by the price. I feel like I should give it back IMMEDIATELY before I break it.

  9. Beautiful family portrait!! And your hair <3
    I would love to know, if you rented a house in California? Or did you stay with family/friends? This place looks so pretty and we are still looking for a house for our California vacation!

    • Alex's family rented a house. It was in the town north though. The house we stayed in is Alex's uncles 🙂