thanks for the nighttime tour Jordan

Just a few snapshots of some of my favorite views, images, and moments on our trip. I think I only have one more real California post to fill your feed with (maybe my favorite?!) and then we’re back to Florida life. 
ps. I’ll be hosting another shop my closet sale on IG sometime this week. You can check out the shop/look out for the sale HERE.


  1. Is there any way you know where that big comfy grey/black sectional is from? It would be perfect for my space! Great photos too!

  2. Has someone already asked you about those red sandals? I love them! What kind are they?

  3. Has someone already asked you about those red sandals? I love them. What kind are they?

    • I got them about two years (1.5??) years ago from madewell. They def. last.

  4. I love how the picture of us is blurry (or at least I'm blurry), its perfect. Ryan has skillz obviously. 🙂 Such fun meeting you!

    • ooof it was nice! seems like it's SLIGHTLY cooling outside though…. so hopefully just a few more weeks and we can breathe.

  5. Wonderful photos, glad you are having such a good time. Love the picture of Alex, Marlowe and the baby on a sofa, Marlowe looks so sweet. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home.

  6. Wow the last photo is medusa right? The lady with snakes as hair? Wonder how long the artist took to complete that. Looks amazing!