We went to Napa Valley a few days ago, Yountville to be exact. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Hot and warm, but not sweat and discomfort inducing like South Florida in August…. so yes, basically the best weather ever. We explored the French Laundry gardens, had snacks at Bouchon Bakery, and ate lunch at Botega before heading back (my meal was amazing). It reminded me a bit of this day and this day (and pretty much all of these days) combined into one super big family traveling day.

almost a family photo. almost.

Give us warm weather, sunshine, farms, and time together, and it’s all we need. We’d all be happy to still be there.


  1. Awesome photos! Napa is beautiful!!! Your little family is just a precious as ever!!


    • I don't like you. I'm more upset than you. This is not completely my fault. Come here.

  2. Looks like a dream! I've been wanting to do Napa for awhile now, but concerned about the vegan options, and being surrounded by so much cheese… You'll have to share your dining tips & recs after the trip 🙂 (please? 😉 )

    • I will! But honestly, California is like the mecca of all vegan food. It's pretty odd to not have at least one vegan option in a restaurant!

  3. Yountville is great! Love these photos. I see a happy little family. Love seeing this happiness.
    So, Jon and I always said if we didn't have the restaurant we would probably live in Napa or Sonoma. Great areas.
    Have fun my friend!!

  4. love the almost family photo. it looks like you guys are doing california right! we just watched bottle shock last night which, if you haven't seen it, is about the history, so to speak, of napa wines.

    • One day I'm making it out there. I have no doubt its incredibly stunning.