we matched. unplanned. noticed here. side eye.
(pst. M&TT, thank you for the dress! we just got it just in time!)
I’m sure, really sure, I’ve written about it at least a little bit in the past, but I am an OCD packer. I like to practically under-pack and I hate to overpack. I like things to be organized neatly, very neatly. I’ve struggled from hardcore anxiety in the past, but over the past few years it’s been increasingly getting better (hooray!). Though I sometimes still panic a bit on planes (eek). Packing for a family of three has been interesting, very interesting (something I’ve never done before). The little clothes, well, they don’t take up too much space, but packing with Alex? I mean, I get it, we both want to bring boots, we’d like to bring a sweater collection, he wants to bring every pair of pants he owns, and I’d bring a handful of scarves, if I could, but man, sweaters and man clothes take up space! Alex and I? We love winterwear…. which is slightly crazy since we both live in florida (and love it), but we romanticize constantly about colder weather vacations. I’m happy the packing up, loose ends, and this and thats are closing up and we can head out for this time together. The house, dog, and fish are all being babysat and cared for. Our plants are outside. Packages are being sent out. And hopefully everything else can just sit and wait for our return. Also exciting? This is our first official vacation as a family of three. I’ve done a fair share of cross country travel with Marlowe, but this is Alex’s first time on a plane with Marlowe. I’m looking forward to the ease of it all 🙂
Adios friends!
*ps. This was supposed to be posted last night. we’re here. marlowe is still the best traveler EVER. It’s cool, crisp, foggy, and so incredibly beautiful. We love it. I’ll still be posting, but you can always follow along on my instagram too. I’m actually remembering to use it here 😉  Can we move here?


  1. Drea, this makes me soooo excited. I’m a long, long time reader but haven’t commented. I think I’ve attempted once or twice but got confused with the logins or somesuch. I’ve braved the young whippersnapper world of teck no logey, however, to say that I’m SO excited to hear you’re in the Bay Area! It’s actually been extra super warm, so I’m glad you brought some of the Florida sunshine with you.

    I’m a neurotic packer as well—I hate having my things all bundled together helter skelter, and, once I arrive, I immediately need to lay everything out and organize it. I could never be a backpacker.

    Anyway, I know you’re always on the hunt for vegan ice cream, so, if you have a chance, I HIGHLY recommend Holy Gelato in the Inner Sunset (vegan ice cream also sold here) or the chocolate coconut ice-cream flavor from Bi-Rite Creamery in the Mission (and allllll the amazing eats the Mission has to offer).

    Sooo happy to hear your travels are going well, and I look forward to reading all about them! I’m also pledging to comment more, because I really do love your blog and appreciate your openness and fantastic writing style.

    • I had the choc coconut a few hours before you commented! Fate. SO good. Marlowe freaking stole mine.

  2. I love the Monkey bag! Im traveling with my 2 year old in October. Any tips on getting through the airport easy with a car seat?

    • We checked our carseat and stroller as soon as we were dropped off, didn't even go inside with them 🙂 it's free to check all baby carrier things!

  3. Where is that purse from!? You should post where all your cute clothes are from! Always obsessed.

  4. I like to underpack too, I can't stand taking too much stuff. Hope you all have a really wonderful time Drea.

  5. I cannot underpack for the life of me – do you give packing lessons? I usually bring practically everything, because I'm a last minute packer… but next time (which is soon!) I should go outfit by outfit, day by day. Everything should have a purpose. This makes so much sense.

    Also, its odd to me how hot weather people want cold weather, and how cold weather people (like me) just want hot weather! Have fun on your vacation!!

  6. I second what Kim said. Welcome! So many times when I read your posts I think "me too!" This time, I'm thinking that about the packing. I spend more time moving things in and out of my suitcase prior to a trip than I ever really do when I'm on it. Good packing is something to be proud of though. I do believe that. It makes a vacation even more relaxing (and returning home and unpacking less stressful). Safe travels. I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.

  7. Welcome to California! Hope you guys have a great vacation. 🙂

  8. "everyone poops." Haha kid's books are so funny! I love pictures like these, where everything is all laid out. Also: I absolutely love your bag! The pictures of the kiddy things are especially cute 🙂