We visited Muir Woods yesterday, it was gorgeous. I’d recommend to anyone. It always amazes me to see how incredibly diverse America is. Traveling from one coast to another and everything is so different. It’s familiar, but not. It’s pretty awesome, the views are amazing, and the weather has been a relief from the heat. We’re loving this time together and I’ve never seen a little girl happier to wear tights. 


  1. soooooo pretty! We just went to Armstrong Woods…looks very similar to Muir Woods and my M looks just as tiny as your M!!!

  2. Beautiful! I went to Muir woods a few years ago and loved it, too! It's such an amazing spot. Have a great time!

  3. Oh! You're so close to where we live. I wish I had known you were coming this way, I'd have tried to tempt you up to our house with the promise of friendly chickens, ducks, a giant puppy, and kittens. We also have a six year old and two year old. I was a single (teen) mom to my daughter the first three years.

    Well, if you find yourself in need of something to do you should come over! I would promise you fresh eggs, but something tells me that wouldn't do much for you 😉

  4. You should travel up the coast a bit on Highway 1 (or down as well). I lived in San Fran for a year… and it is just gorgeous out there! Oh and Sonoma and Napa is a must if you have any kid free time. Enjoy!

  5. looks like you're all having a great time! enjoy your little family vacation 🙂

  6. Yay! I LOVE northern california, it's just so magical. Those trees feel otherworldly. So glad you are enjoying.

  7. so beautiful! and yet another reason i need to arrange for a family trip to california! enjoy!

    • Iphone photos are ran through after light app, otherwise, good ole' mother nature 🙂