One of the things I miss most about living in NewEngland is being able to take mini day and weekend trips. I’ve been craving longer scenic drives to a few hour destination where we can walk around and enjoy the breeze or warm air in. Living in south Florida, these weekend outings are almost nonexistent. You can drive for 4 hours and still be stuck in Florida with the same identical views (or worse views in middle florida) in every direction. I’m pushing pretty hard for us to take a week long road trip next year for Alex’s vacation, but in the meantime, these mini road trips around California hit the spot. Especially our recent road trip to Monterey, making pit stops all along the way for burritos, fruit, bread, and cliff and mountain views. And hitting up a small taco joint on the way back before stopping to take in the setting sun on the western ocean and even a pit stop at a brewery for beer and french fries (when in, right?) . The town of Monterey was okay for us, it reminded me of many of the beach towns I grew up around, but without the warm summer weather we were hoping for. The aquarium was small, but a really nice destination for us to check out together. The drive is what really made me happy, especially once the sun came out to warm up our drive—- I learned more and more, each day of this trip, I really and truly am a Florida girl now (and again and always). And Alex, well he’s finding too that he’s less of the city man he once thought he was. We really loved our trip, but our family really enjoys the quiet and warmth (and fruit!) the  tropics bring.

another family photo attempt.
when in rome, artichoke tacos.
so close to a family photo.
the colors of the setting sun.
ps. We’re home now. We took the red eye and arrived at 8 am this morning. It was a much quicker trip compared to last years travel hell— with a flight that actually left and arrived on time. Thank jeebus for better and easier travel, man. We’re all a bit pooped, but looking forward to quiet time in our space—- especially Marlowe. Boy oh boy, did she miss her home and her doggy.  It’s good to be back.



  1. We're in Santa Cruz so we are familiar with fog! You start pretending it's romantic or something 😉 And we are members of the Monterey Bay aquarium so we find it pretty cool! Did you see both the west and east wing? Either way, glad you all had a fun time, yay vacation!

  2. Ha! We live in Aptos & love the fog. We always melt when we visit relatives in FL. Glad you had a nice holiday!

  3. Ha! We live in Aptos & love the fog. We always melt when we visit relatives in FL. Glad you had a nice trip!

  4. Sooooo bummed we couldn't met up in SF! would have been SOOOOOO fun!!! Maybe next time!!!!



  5. Haha, in the photo where you're kissing Alex I thought you were wearing heels on the beach for a moment 😀

  6. I grew up in central California and this reminds of the trips we would take when I was growing up there. The central coast is my favorite and I always remember the beach being cold 🙂 I miss it so much sometimes.

    • I mostly use my iPhone. or I have a canon point and shoot that I use second. And SOMETIMEs I break out my brothers fujifilm. These were a combination of the three.

  7. It sure is cold up in Nor Cal…. I'm sure you have a list of destinations a mile long, but San Diego is pretty much the best of everything! We have hot sunny weather, no humidity, and such an eclectic mix of culture and history, and oh the fooood!(and so many fantastic vegan options) 🙂 I may be a bit biased of my hometown, but seriously, we have The best Mexican food (outside of Mexico). I love that in one day, you can hit up Balboa Park with all the history & museums, Little Italy, the beach, and end the evenings in the mountains and still be home at a reasonable hour 🙂

    • I'd like to second this comment! I LOVE SD! I only lived there for a year and a half (college) but I had THE MOST fun down there. Currently living in LA area and miss SD tons. Balboa park, Little Italy, Old Town, Pacific & Mission beach, the shops and Acai bowl at Ocean beach, the SD Zoo!, Sea World….I mean, it's all good.

  8. awww. . . this is my hood! i was at route one monday and pie ranch saturday night! i hope you enjoyed our little stretch of coastline.

    • what does one do at pie ranch one saturday nights?? serious question. seems awesome.

  9. ha ha i'm loving the eat pie sign! road trips are always fun, although you guys look like you had better meal options than we usually do around here!

  10. Great pictures 🙂 I LOVE road trips.. We used to drive from Denmark to Switzerland every summer, but now we have a little guy who can't sit still for so long..

  11. although hawaii is scenic, i miss long road trips too! did you guys bring marlowe's car seat on the plane for her to sleep in? i'm about to go on a red-eye with my soon to be 3 yr old and trying to figure out what will be most comfortable for him…

    • ooof. I thought I responded to this a long time ago. We checked her carseat (it's free). I feel like the carseat might have been 100% more comfortable for me… but I'm not sure how long one can sleep in a carseat comfortably!

  12. Looks like a wonderful trip with very wonderful food. I find that the less time I spend in the city, the more in love with the countryside I have become. Glad you are all home safely. It is always so good to come home.

  13. it seems so out of your element to see you in a sweater 🙂 you wear them well. and that's it. i'm coming to florida to take a family photo for you guys! just another reason to come visit you.

  14. I loved seeing your California trip!! And how funny that our good friends got married at the Pie Ranch?! You have a sweet, sweet family..

  15. I am no aquarium expert by any means, but I think I've been spoiled by the boston and atlanta one. Also, the Miami Seaquarium too…. but I don't and won't go there anymore from animal abuse rumors. So I should say, it wasn't small, just the smaller of the few I've been to 🙂 And yes, there is nothing more magical than jellies and sea horses too!

  16. Yeah, Monterey is pretty much always like that (not very warm weather). Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a small town girl (or haven't lived close to any real aquariums before) but I thought the Monterey Bay Aquarium was huge! Apparently I don't know what I'm talking about. 🙂 The jellies are my favorite! Glad you guys had a good vacation. 🙂