We’re looking for more indoor-friendly activities in this slow and hot summer season. In one days time we bought new jars for a sprouting adventure, proofed two loaves of homemade bread, and bottled our first batch of kombucha (yum). We’ll have tolerable weather and a garden soon enough, but for now we stay indoors and grow, brew, sprout, cook, paint, create, and search for more.
This summer is coming to a sad end for many, but for us, we look forward to change**and vacationing to cooler climates.


  1. I garden in the summer!! You start it in the spring when the weather is normal and it needs very little maintenance throughout the summer! Peppers grow like cah-razy and my watermelons went insane!! Also, I have like 10 eggplant babies on 4 plants out there right now.

  2. I'm impressed by your kombucha brewing. I love drinking the stuff, but I confess that the scoby itself freaks me out a little. Can't wait to hear about your adventures with it.

  3. Quick question: who is that adult next to you in the top photo? Because it cannot possibly be Marlowe!!! This is crazy, she looks so much older from the last time I was on your blog (like.. last week?). This is why I fear my future-mom self. I'm going to be asking my kids to stop growing and crying all the time 🙂 ahhh can't wait 🙂

    • Marlowe cried today. Straight up cried after w came home from the zoo, begging to please have fun inside cause it was too hot outside. I gave her a popsicle.

  4. A kombucha recipe/tutorial would be fabulous! You have the cuttest family!

  5. I feel you, we are completely over summer here in Louisiana. Looks like you are keeping busy with fun and productive things!

  6. I'd love the kombucha recipe too. I'd love to make it, but afraid it'd be poison.

    • I first started toying with the idea of making it when I was pregnant but I was so freaked out in doing it wrong and getting sick while pregnant so I stayed away. Now, I'm still nervous, but I just look for mold signs and I'l always test in on myself before M.

  7. I am on the coast of georgia…and so with you. Homemade kombucha…I am intrigued!

    • I'm 100% a heat girl…. so it's odd even for me to be wishing for cooler weather, I know I prefer the heat. I think it's mostly being cooped up and marlowe that play such a big part in longing for better weather.

  8. I can't wait for summer to be over, even though the weather in MA is wonderful this time of year. You look so happy <3

  9. I am sooooooo jealous of your kombucha! Do you have any failsafe references, or could you do a tutorial on how you made yours?

    • I'm still trying to figure it out! My friend Stephs husband (who gave me the scoby) gave me a basic outline to follow, but there are so many little factors in tweaking your batch. This was only my first one. I would have liked to let it go longer, its a bit on the sweeter side, but I couldn't because of scheduling. I'm sure I can post up more tips and info in the future 🙂

    • oh we really do need a tutorial and more beautiful pictures of your kombucha!! lovely post again, have a great time

    • Thaaaaaank youuuuu 😉 (Take your time too. It's about to get cold here and I'm sure a house heated by wood-stove isn't ideal for growing things anyway…)