small spread of cream cheese. roasted beets, large white beans, cherry tomatoes, sliced radishes, and herbs, tossed in a mustard white wine vinegarette. served with my first ever batch of kombucha! πŸ™‚ 


  1. First of all, I love this series because toast is my most favorite food. Secondly, I'm just rediscovering beans and I love that they ended up on your toast.
    I love how bright and sunshiney your blog is. It feels like a tall glass of ice water for my mind.

  2. if you like kombucha I really think you would LOVE water kefir!

  3. I am not vegan or vegetarian .. I guess I'm flexitarian anyway your blog inspires me to try new things and my family and I are only eating lean meats thurs – sat with the rest being vegetarian sometimes vegan I'm slowly learning more and am loving it ! Yesterday I made my first ever cashew cream cheese ! I have most these ingredients and am going to try this toast today ! Thank you for all the ideas ! Your blog is so refreshing !!