Marlowe and I were a feeling a bit cooped up the past few days (this was cured on sunday) so on saturday after a few extra loud (playful) boredom moans and groans, we decided we should dress up like cats (again). I mean, we had a few debates on whether we should be bunnies or puppies instead, but ended up as cats. This entertained us for a few giggly minutes. 
You’ll need: 
a glue gun
two felt diamonds 
two tiny felt triangles
a headband
makeup for kitty whiskers and a kitty nose. 
side note: you’re not going to buy it for this project– that’d be crazy, but for whatever else, I’ve been loving stila’s eyeliner pen.
How to: Heat glue gun, wrap felt diamond around headband, put a dab of glue between the two top corners, press together, glue on triangles, draw a kitty face on you and child. 
Then: Become kitties for about two minutes, until your child tells you “I don’t want to play with the kitties, I want to play with the doggies. HMPH” and walks away……. 

&that was caturday, in a nutshell. reow. 


  1. Wonderful. My littlest boy is always asking me, "Can we play the kitty game?", so I shall store this idea up. He will love it.

  2. Just a note to say your food inspires me so much with my toddler (and for myself)! I bought all the ingredients for vegan biscuits and sausage this week, even though I'm not vegan. Can't wait.
    …and I saw this tumblr and immediately thought of your "things on toast." Things on toast meets food truck:

  3. Ahahaha, those times when we try so hard to entertain, and they just are not into it. It was a cute effort, though. My now 11 yr-old was a kitty for Halloween in Kindergarten. She's nearly my height, and we discovered, since she has long arms, she has a taller reach than I do now (helpful for reaching the top shelf, at least!). Enjoy the boring days — Marlowe will grow and grow!