Marlowe’s bow // dress: hand-me-down.
It feels like a lot has been going on over here, but nothing out of the ordinary has changed— maybe its just the approaching events that make it feel that way…. or the vacation time we got together that refreshed us and made this home and space feel even better. Whatever it is, this week, I felt and feel (maybe more than ever before) so grateful for this space. 
I think I finally sat back for the first real time ever and said “Whoa, this is awesome. I’m so happy and pretty amazed I created this blog.” I don’t always give myself much credit, so it was definitely an awe and good moment. I’m so grateful not only for this space I’ve made, but I’m grateful for you guys. Silent or active, whoever you are, I appreciate you guys and everything I have here—the support, the friendships, everything. Thank you guys, you play a big part in this happy place. 
As a big celebration to all good things in September (Marlowe’s 3rd birthday, a trip to Massachusetts, a nice job change for Alex), a celebration to all good things in this life in general, and as a THANK YOU for all the support and extra amazingness you guys bring to my life, I’m offering 33.3% off all medium and small side bar ads this month. You know, 33.3% in honor of Marlowe turning the big three 😉 You can find my ad shop HERE and some stats and stuff, if you’re interested here
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&&&I don’t know how you guys feel about link list, I typically don’t do them, but I like them and figured it would be a nice way to end the week 🙂

-I get a lot (A LOT) of questions about my clothes. I say I don’t care for fashion, but I mean, is that true when I love project runway? (whatever happened to Andre?) I try to answer all “where did you get this?” questions as much as possible, but I know I’m not great at linking or mentioning them on the blog. (Please email me if I missed any questions— clothes related or not, anything.), I’m always happy to answer.) I won’t be giving fashion advice anytime soon (you don’t want or need it from me), but if I can recommend one item to have you in your non-winter life, it’s a nice pair of high-waisted shorts. You may have noticed, I live in them— all day, everyday. I’ve had the same three pairs for years now, they only get better with time. (hashtag floridalife)

-Did you enter our awesome giveaway yet? Not much time left. 

A doula! Realistically, I’ll probably never get to it, but I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of training to be a doula. Birth is freaking amazing. Doula’s are amazing! Maybe one day I can cross it off my maybe dream list. 
-I love this single mama. I read her blog back when she was a new mom, shit happened, she stopped blogging, and now she’s back at it and it’s amazing to see how well her and her little one are doing. 
A beautiful blog with gorgeous photography.
Brandy did a detox recently and documented/blogged about it. You know, she wasn’t lazy like me about it. She did awesome and didn’t give into my texts about pizza. Let’s all do a detox kit together soon, k? Maybe October first?

-In love with this little girls dress.

PS. I finally set up my instagram sale. half has been sold, but there are still a few of mine and marlowe’s items left for grabs!

Thanks for being here and supporting my family and this place 🙂 
Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. Being a doula would be amazing. I'm not sure I personally have what it takes, but it is such an important thing for so many women to have that support, I'd love to hear more about it if you do pursue that.

    I'm hoping September here in our new home of NC is maybe a little less humid? Having just moved from the SF Bay area to central NC is quite an adjustment for us! My daughter has learned how to complain in a whole new way, ha ha. We did get to the beach the past two weekends, and that helps a LOT.

  2. silent reader over here!… just wanted to leave a little "your blog is awesome" note! and you should totaly get on the doula thing cause I also live and FL and would for sure love to have someone so honest, and open. don't worry you have time, I've only been married for 2 years and I'm a preschool teacher, so I already have plenty of kids, anyways.. by the time I'm ready, you should too! haha 😉

  3. wow 3! drea! that is amazing – she is so adorable! i have been a bit of a closet follower of this blog from the beginning – you even inspired me to do the same (although mine is more of a journal for friends & family that don't live too close). you may remember me from a few college experiences in that good old gansett town or possibly a show at lupos – in a different life i suppose! i just want to say congrats and you totally deserve a big pat on the back, it has been a lovely ride watching you get to where you are! i have always been rooting for you! cheers from VT! – caitlyn

  4. So sweet of you to include us in this post! Isn't the blogging world fun? Happy early birthday to Marlowe! x ARS

  5. Whoa- my Shoshi has that same dress (it's a little bit different, slightly shorter but with a really similar design). I *love* it, got it at a thrift store for a couple bucks and I think it was made in Guatemala. I can pass it along to you once Sho outgrows it if you'd like – she's pretty tiny but so is Marlowe, I do believe. 🙂 Congrats on all the good changes ahead!

  6. So honored to be among Marlowe's favourite month's sponsors.
    Thank you!
    And have a great weekend!!! xxx

  7. whatever happened to andre??? ahh..project runway season 2 was the best. happy september!

    • even alex will walk in when I watch it late night and ask "Andreeeee? Where's andre?!" (I made him watch it with me before…. I mean, we lived in a 400 sq ft. space… he had no choice 😉

  8. *smile* Happy Birthday month to Marlowe & Me! besides the birthday its my FAV month of all time because of the weather and the colors in the season…simply beautiful! have a happy Friday, drea.

    mz E.

  9. I'm glad you get to come back up to MA for a little fall! The fall weather JUST rolled in (literally, yesterday), so you're in for a treat. And those photos of Marlowe are just so sweet. Love them.

  10. so jealous of your weather! I grew up in singapore so I'm used to the all year round sun and warmth, and I miss it dearly now that I live in nyc. my boyfriend lives in fl as well and I loooove visiting! maybe one day I'll actually live there 🙂 then I'll live in high waisted shorts too haha

  11. We'd love to live in your kind of climat! For us, September means fall, yellow leaves, rain, and the first signs of a very long winter. Good for you!
    We're trying to make the best of it though with good books, good vegan food and lots of love.

    Greetings from Germany,
    Birdy and Bambi