wilto, a creeper. 
how amazing is this? and a hat and a sign. 
take what you want, leave what you can.
(we did)

It’s funny when I look back on the past 6 to 8 years or so. Every time I went home (to Worcester), I’d visit Boston. Catch up with friends, drink pints of beer, dance until the (not so) wee hours of the night, then see more friends, and more friends, and so on. My trips north were planned around my mom and around Boston. Since having Marlowe, my visits to Massachusetts have changed A LOT (obviously). This visit was the first time in years that I had actually ventured into the city at night, without child, to be with long time friends. I didn’t want pints of beer, I didn’t want to dance until the (not so) wee hours, I just wanted to catch up with a few friends. It was nice, really nice— but of course I didn’t take photos (I’m debating flashback photos— but I won’t). I love my far away friends so incredibly much– so much so that I won’t embarrass them with photos 😉 The next morning I met up with Wilto, walked the streets of Boston, got brunch, road on the T and declared “I don’t think I could live in a city. I’m just not a city girl anymore.” 
After brunch, I met up with the monkeybutt and parentals and we strolled around Boston. Boston? I like it. I had a great day, but now I’m certain that Boston, it’s just not my city. (Insert angry fist waiving hardcore Boston fans). Don’t get me wrong, some of the people I love the most are there (that alone pushes it top on my list), there are some cool spots in the city and in its suburbs, historically Boston has a pretty tremendous biography, and the weather can be pretty kick ass in summer…… but even though I do consider myself a long time mass-hole, Boston doesn’t make it to the top of my city list. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that maybe Boston isn’t the dream city I always hoped for it to be. I’m pretty sure at this point I’ve either lost a lot of Boston-fan readers, but bear with me. At one point or another (okay at a few points) I thought I would like to live there, but now? Not so much. Much to my own disbelief, I’m changing to become more and more part of this Florida life. I love the idea of Boston in the winter. Snow filled parks, frozen lakes, holding hands in mittens, bundling up with big pea coats and knit scarves, sipping cider with loved ones in warm and dark bars or in front of fireplaces, hot cocoa, and cold air filling up night skies…. it all sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? I like keeping that imagery in my head while knowing full and well, that I thrive now in a slower, warmer Florida. In a city like Boston, I would survive. But here, I grow. We’re all wired different, ya know? I guess I really am just more of the tropical variety. 
Every once in a while we discuss living elsewhere— knowing full and well we will never make real future plans to move. We loved (San Francisco) California. We both enjoy New York. And Boston has it’s perks. But Miami is the only city I imagine being in again– really and truly living in. Like I said, it would happen, and neither of us are sad or longing for it, it’s just now my preferred city– you know, if I had to pick one. If you count West Palm Beach as a city— well, then I guess this is mine. I like South Florida. I’m glad it’s my home. And I like Boston— it’s a neat place, but mostly I’m glad it will always be there filled with the people I love so much (mass-holes), rooting for it, and waving their fists in the air declaring how amazing it is— we should all be so proud of our homes. 
ps. Marlowe loved the Boston Commons. We had been reading her “duck book” all month prior to our trip. Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack, and Quack anyone? 


  1. Gorgeous photos and insight. I can totally understand not wanting to live in Boston – I moved here about two years ago and I'm still feeling out if it's really "my city", beyond just going to school. Also, not to be creepy but one of these photos is just two blocks from my house and another is two blocks from my campus. How crazy! So glad you had a wonderful time here :]

  2. That's so funny… I've been following your blog for a few years and only vaguely knew you were from MA, but I just moved to Grafton… Haven't even been to Boston yet (except for a 7th grade field trip), but even just going from NY -> Grafton, I know New England is the place for me


    moving on. we're reading make way for ducklings like every dang day right now and steve wants to bring the book and read it in the gardens so parker can really PUT IT ALL TOGETHER.

    it's alright, i'm not holding a grudge.

  4. I am from Miami (born and raised), currently living in Tampa, and I couldn't agree with you more! Miami and I have had our love/hate relationship, but it wasn't until I left for college (and now for a job) that I realized how much I truely miss and love that city.

  5. Marlowe is like a mini version of you now!!! She's growing so tall and lady-like. 🙂

  6. Boston is a cool city but as a Canadian living in Montreal, Boston came across as far too conservative for me. It's such a big city and it's so spread out. It just wasn't what I expected it to be!

  7. Boston is a cool city but as a Canadian living in Montreal, Boston came across as too conservative for me. It's such a large city and it's so spread out. It really wasn't what I thought it would be!

    • Yes! I'm slightly biased here, but I love love love Montreal! If there was no winter, I'd live in Canada in a heart beat!

  8. I'm in love with New York City, even when I hate it. That probably doesn't make sense, but it does to me. I've only been to Boston once, but I would love to go back and check it out. Bostonians are very serious about their city! I'd like to visit Chicago too, but I can't imagine ever living there because those winters are brutal. I have some not-so-great memories associated with Florida, but I'm happy as long as other people are happy, you know? 😉

    The Rambling Fangirl

    • it makes a lot of sense! I love and hate miami! And I really, really liked chicago for the few moments I was there, but like you, the winters scare me. I don't do well in cold!

  9. I love your sentence about – surviving in one city but growing in a different city..-
    I feel the same, deep in my heart. I live right now in the wrong place.. It was my home for a long time, it is filed with friends and family.. I grew up here… but it doesn´t feel like home anymore… Like my favorite place in the whole world, like a place I wake up laughing and go to bed to be so thankful, just because I could spend an other day in this beautiful city…

    I hope one day I go back to the place I would love to call home…
    Love from Germany

  10. I totally understand this. As deep as my pride and love for this city runs, I know it's not for everyone. If it were, it'd be overwhelming and overfilled and, well, it just wouldn't be Boston. We're all made for different things, places. It warms my heart when people know theirs 🙂

  11. we are currently at a crossroad point in which we will be able to move (if we choose) in the next year or so. being a young couple (hoping to start a fam soon), it's just so hard deciding where to plant roots. we're in the south also & will probably stay in the south somewhere, but, like you, i'm not really liking our current city living situation. too much busy busy, too much crime among other things are making a more rural area look much sweeter to us!

    • SO hard! I kind of just landed in Florida due to weather mostly. I'd be really happy to be in Miami, but it'd be too expensive for me now so I'm happy to be here now, only an hour away 🙂

  12. Oh guuurrrl I see you in Somerville Davis Square. I think that Boston is not the best day trip city. If you live here and are a part of the community then it is so much better. The sense of community and quality of life that Massachusetts and Boston in particular has to offer is so much more. Quality of life = activities, sense of community, diversity, food, farms, beach, mountains, progressive politics) It continually surprises me with it's community involvement and activities.

    It has it's problems, but visiting just doesn't do it justice. 🙂

  13. Ohhh gurrrll I see you in Davis Square Somerville there. I think Boston isn't the best day trip city, but living here and being a part of the community makes it such a great place to live. There is so much to offer in terms of activities year round and being involved. The quality of life here and the sense of community is worth it. (Quality of Life = schools, food, farms, beach, mountains, progressive politics, art, diversity etc)

    • that community part of it is exactly why I struggle to call west palm a city. It's one of the main reasons I love bigger, busier, places. We don't have that so much here— not in West Palm at least…. we have everything else in Miami though (not the mountains of course!)
      But schools, well oof…. I wanted to get into that but thats a much longer topic for another day. Alex made a comment to me in worcester like (half kidding, half serious) "wait, thats a school? no fences around it? no metal detectors??" THAT is actually the main reason I'm ever hesitant to stay around here… but its complicated. Even though I know education wise, MA schools are some of the best in the country, I think I actually felt safer and like I had room to excel in my florida school. I don't know, like I said, complicated. I goes really, I don't feel incredibly safe with schools, in any state. But I'm happy with everything else around here (and in the surrounding area). Goods and bars everywhere.

    • ps. yes davis square! haha! How is that falafel place? I wanted some so bad. I tried Veggie Galaxy (I was not happy) and Deep Ellum (pretty good!). I used to know Boston REALLY well. Like, I practically lived there. But over the past 3-4 years, I feel like I no longer know anything.

    • It's awesome. Great addition to the place – but better falafel elsewhere too 🙂

      I grew up in SC, but have settled in Boston for the past 10 years and I feel you on having room to excel in FL/SC. But I feel like I missed out on being pushed to actually try harder
      and compete with others. For example in terms of music programs…I went from top national program in NY State to bottom of the barrel 5 kids in the program in SC. I was advanced by default and not really pushed beyond that.

      Boston and surrounding cities have for sure sprouted in the last couple of years. Tons of new places, bars, ways to get food basically. That's the exciting thing that's happening is that Boston is using it's deep agricultural roots and making sure everyone has access to it. Also, food trucks have arrived in Boston! HOORAY! I think what makes Boston so special is that things CAN change, people WANT to do better. P.S. we were ranked the greenest city in America 🙂

      There are so many other great places!! Cambridge Brewing Co., The Rattlesnake, Tip Tap Room, Harpoon Beer Hall, Trillium Brewing Co., Stoddards, Clover Food Lab (Veg and Vegan friendly), JM Curley ( prob not a lot of vegan choices there…), 5 Horse Tavern in Davis (good vegan choices) and lots of others. I have to think more!

      Sorry for the double comments too! My intertronz messed up. Let me take you on the poor man's walking tour of Boston next time and you can get to know the place again!