Hey guys! I’ve got a pretty great giveaway and new site (coming soon!) to share with you guys! Daily deal sites can already be pretty awesome, but this one is especially spectacular with all it’s extra features and things—- where even if you aren’t looking to shop all the time, you can find inspiration and more 🙂 Check them out what All Things Lovely has to say and then scroll down for the awesome giveaway they are offering! 🙂 
Hello! We are a new UNIQUE daily deal site, called All Things Lovely Daily Deals
A quick little intro about our shop:

-We search and handpick unique vendors and showcase their products on our site! We are uploading new deals everyday offered at discounted prices! 
-We also have an amazing blogger program where you can see some of your blogger favorite items and buy them directly from our site. Its an amazing opportunity to find some new bloggers you relate to and draw inspiration from! 
-There is a vintage shop up each week for all you vintage find seekers along with giveaways and amazing themed weeks! 
One thing we are most excited about with our site is our Infertility Feature:
-Each month we feature a new couple struggling with infertility and we help raise money for them to help ease the cost of their treatments.
-Infertility effects an extremely high amount of people and treating it is a costly things since insurance considers it an “optional disease” to want to seek help with.
-We belied that everyone should have the opportunity to be parents and would like to help out as much as possible to help make that happen!
We hope you will check us out and like what you see! 

One lucky ohdeardrea winner will win:
+ one printed fox pillow
+ one crocheted fox plush doll
+ a foxy notebook
+ and a 50$ ETSY giftcard to use however you’d like 🙂

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&If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out All Things Lovely on:
&on blogger!

Good luck, everyone! 


  1. So cute! Do these shorties come in adult sizes?? Haha! I don't think I'd be able to look as cute as the model, but I want them!!!