Yesterday was such a fun and easy day. We put Marlowe to bed in a “pretty dress” so she could wake up ready to go, without her typically first morning concern of wanting/needing/asking for a new dress.  She woke up to a room filled balloons, asking for a bouncy house. Haha. My only regret for the whole day was not pulling out a proper camera to document… oh and maybe lack of cookies? Other than that, it was perfect. 


Marlowe’s suit  //  My suit
she was took excited. so happy.

Alex made a waffle tower with her favorite fruits– she would live off mangoes and strawberries if we let her. I made watermelon lemonade. We lit the candles and one sparkler and she was not happy about it. We filled our bellies, put on (matching!) swimsuits and had a small dance party in our suits before heading to the beach. As I sit here, again in the pouring rain, I couldn’t be more grateful for yesterdays little peek of sun. It worked out perfectly perfect to have the one day of sun this week fall on her birthday. We played in the sand and shore. Alex dug a hole to Africa (one of her newer obsessions…. “Can we go to Africa? I want to go to Africa!”). Once time started running out and the sun got to be too much we visited a small paleta shop for mango ice-cream for Marlowe. I hoped for a chocolate one, but they were out… next time. Alex left for work and Marlowe had nap time while I tidied up. We played with some of her new toys (a few books, puzzles, and coloring activities and then we went out for a birthday dinner with family—- a “tofu and noodles restaurant”— requested by Marlowe for her special birthday dinner. I tucked her in bed and gave her a big “happy birthday!” and she gave me a big smile and a big “thank you, mama!” and my day was made. Everyone keeps asking if she had a good birthday… and the answer is yes, definitely… but I know she’s still waiting for that bounce house 😉 
Marlowe’s deer dress from: djaknemala
My bathing suit bottoms: here
Marlowe’s bathingsuit: here
Marlowe’s extra special pink birthday dress from: el sage designs (she say’s its me on the dress! 😉 


  1. I love that it's a hole to Africa and not China! I've been there twice and it's one of my favorite places. Also, I have some questions about sponsorships but your email link isn't allowing me to send you one. Mine is: hop08005 at byui dot edu
    If you could send me an email first that'd be awesome.

  2. Love the balloons! Look like you had a beautiful day 🙂 I'm really looking forward to my daughter's 3rd birthday next month 🙂

  3. I'm nineteen and a bouncy castle would probably make my day haha that want definitely doesn't go away! Those swimsuits are awesome! Looks like you had a great day 🙂

  4. She wants to go to Africa? Can she be any more darling?!!! I'll take her with me!

    Happy Birthday dear Marlowe! So precious.

    • she wants to go SO BAD. She's been asking me for a month. You'd think she's three and would change her mind every week, but no, Africa.

  5. Happy birthday sweet beautiful little girl. The day looks like utter perfection. So glad she had such a good time.

  6. What a great day! Happy birthday to Marlowe and high five to you for surviving and thriving during your first three years as a mama.

  7. I love your matching swimsuits!! So fun! Looks like a wonderful day full of lots of love and happiness. The balloons on her floor were a great idea. Happy birthday to her!

  8. Looks like a perfect day! Collin turns 9 on Monday, & I have planned to a balloon room wake up too, so fun!