When in doubt, sangria.
This plant grew back the one week we were away. She’s been working on it. (yard working‘ on it)
Post-bath sauce-making.
Mango, dried dragon fruit, and coconut milk vanilla bean icecream topped with chia seeds.
Whipping together a creamy Mexican tortilla soup.
With fixins’
She made her own pizza. Kneaded and rolled out the dough and everything.
When your almost three year old walks up to you and says “mama, remember before yesterday when you made biscuits and gravy? Can you do that again?” Heart melted. Of course I did it. Also, The past few times I’ve been making the gravy with extra mushrooms and adding red lentils when I make this for supper. Vegetable and protein delicious win!
“before yesterday” = anytime in the past that she knows wasn’t yesterday, but she doesn’t know how to describe.
Mac and cheese. Already amazing, but topped with truffle oil and green onions? drool. Alex legitimately made fun of how much I ate…. but it’s so good… and good for you, right? right.
Did I post him yet? I love him.

Hide your kids. Three days of my hair tied up.  Not a wig. Need hair? I’ve got some. Roar.

Still my baby.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Don’t forget our awesome giveaway!


  1. I can relate to that hair. Friday I did the whole wash/blow dry/flat iron deal (I only wash once or twice a week max, but my scalp is adjusting to the southeast and HUMIDITY) then Sat it was perfect, then Sunday I went to the beach. THEN it got tied up in a funky-ass topknot until Tuesday morning.

    My hair had a life of its own until I finally washed that junk Tuesday afternoon. Oy. At least yours is nice and dark, so it probably looks better from afar than my greasy mess. 😉

  2. sangria, yes. your hair is awesome too. and a sleeping marlowe? come on. she's cute.

  3. will you be sharing the Mexican tortilla soup and mac and cheese recipe? pretty, pretty please? : )

    and yes, I'll take some hair – my bald head is getting lame and old.

    • The mac and cheese recipe is up! Click the link under the image 🙂

      And feel free to have as much as you'd like.

  4. Have you posted the recipe for the creamy tortilla soup before? Would love to make that! Isn't (vegan) Mac The Best! I just made a huge pot of it the other day, and have been living off it, and green smoothies 🙂

    • Nope! IT's something I whipped up with leftovers and what I could find in the fridge! I should make a proper batch one day.

    • ooof you're right! It's gorgeous! too bad Alex tore it out yesterday! I should plant one in the front for sure 🙂

  5. Wow, that's a lot of hair! Marlowe is awesome. I finally found artichokes, so I'm going to try making them today 🙂

    • Yes! I hope you LOVE them! Just be sure you don't under cook them! And grilling them is always SUPER delicious!

  6. it totally looks like you are flipping off the camera in your "hide your kids – crazy hair" picture (lol!)

  7. She is just the most beautiful child and seems like such a bright and sweet little thing!

    In other news, the food pictures that you post always make me so hungry!

    The Rambling Fangirl

    • She's super sweet. Def. has her crazy monkey moments… but she's one loving and gentle kid.

  8. I would really love the tortilla soup recipe! I'm like addicted to all your soup recipes. I've tried nearly all of them! 🙂

    • this was really a throw everything together kind of meal. The tomato base was actually sauce M and I made the night before for pizza!

  9. beautiful photos and delicious food! Makes me want to attempt one of these meals in my kitchen: ) beautiful family : )