Soooo as some of you may know, I’ve been working on a fun and easy food series for you guys 🙂 I really enjoyed sharing What Marlowe Eats for so long. The response was great and it seemed people really loved peeking into our kid friendly vegan meals (that adults could love too).  But after a while our meals became slightly repetitive and I thought it would be fun to check into the homes of other families and share different favorite vegan kid meals. Not everyone participating will be vegan. Many of the families joining in are vegetarian or flexitarian. You know, we don’t like to discriminate over here—the point of the series is to take a peek into some other families and kids favorite plant-based meals. Fun, right? I’ve gone back and forth on naming this series, part of me wanted to go with my friend Steph’s suggestion “Beyond Salad And Shit”, because well, it’s gets the message across. Contrary to popular belief, vegans (most anyway) aren’t sitting around eating salads all day 😉 Most of us LOVE food— all kinds of food! And maybe we aren’t all vegan, but eating more plant based meals can be REALLY easy and incredibly open and diverse. Many meals are “accidentally” or standardly (but deliciously) vegan without even trying. And/or sometimes it just takes a little re-thinking and re-tweaking of basics ideas and concepts to create a fun and healthy (okay, sometimes not healthy at all) meal that everyone can enjoy!
I asked moms and dads to share their kid’s all time favorite snack or meal. Some shared larger dinner sized meals, many shared breakfast or an easy and healthy lunch, and some will be as simply delicious as a small and very easy snack 🙂 Vegan or not, I hope you guys enjoy coming back here to find a little inspiration taking a peek into other families kid and toddler (sometimes baby) friendly vegan meals 🙂
We’re kicking off the series with one of the easiest snacks in the world. Maybe we can ease into the harder stuff…. like those donuts? Popcorn is something light, healthy, and something EVERYONE can enjoy. If you don’t like popcorn, we’ll have to fight about it 😉
This first all-time-favorite vegan-friendly snack is brought to us by Ally: Coconut and brewers yeast popcorn!Inside: “Organic Unsalted Popcorn, Coconut Oil, Brewers Yeast (Lewis Lab is my favorite), and Himalayan pink salt“”I have an almost 3 year old little lady and we’re both vegan. We live in Fort Lauderdale and we are both in love with food! I own a cake supply store with my mom and husband and will be opening a vegan to go bakery soon! Penny Lou’s other favorite meals include: Red lentil fritters and sautéed asparagus and purple rice.”If you’re local, you can check out Ally’s cake supply shop HERE. &Ally’s soon to be vegan shoppe HERE. &her IG HERE. Find a lentil fritter recipe HERE.  *Popcorn with yeast happens to be marlowe’s all time favorite snack too. We typically use nutritional yeast for the “cheesy” like flavor, but I’m curious to try out brewers yeast as well now 🙂 Thank you so much Ally! I’m REALLY looking forward to checking out more of your home meals :)**Also, if you’d like to share your own favorite kiddo meals, send an email my way and we can see what we can do together! 😉


  1. Hi, I have a questions I was hoping you could help with. Where do you find nutritional yeast? I've looked what feels like everywhere and have never found nutritional yeast. I've found a bunch of other but not nutritional. Thanks!

  2. I bought brewer's yeast once, but I didn't know what to do with it. I'll try it on popcorn.

  3. Love this! I'll be shooting you an email soonish, got some yummy recipes! We always use nutritional yeast on our popcorn as well, its delish.