So…. you may or may not know today is the first day of the mercury retrograde. The last one for the year. The one I’m feeling maybe a bit more nervous about, but only because I am aware of it. If you don’t know what the mercury  retrograde is, it’s this crazy time of year (it happens three to four-ish times a year) when mercury appears to be traveling backwards and all this irregular shit starts to happen. Now, I’m not one to believe in a lot of otherworldly things. I mean, I do live in a romantic dreamworld, but I like tangible truths in front of me—-(even though I did visit a psychic once who was pretty dead on with all my Alex bullshit— but whatever) either way, without fail every time the retrograde hits everything that is supposed to go wrong— GOES WRONG. Broken electronics? Missed communications? The air is off and things start happening and I start getting all worked up and then maybe a day or two later I start thinking to myself “wait, is this that thing that Claudia once mentioned? Is it that time?” and I look it up, and it nine times out of ten, BAM, I’m dab smack in the middle of the retrograde.
So okay, yes, the whole thing seems a bit wishy washy when a lot of the mercury retrograde is based on astrology. I mean, astrology is cool and all— I do believe more times than not, people fit their astrological signs perfectly. But do I follow or believe in a daily, monthly, or yearly horoscope? Not so much (read: not at all). Good and bad though, I 100% live every characteristic of a pisces (though I just had to google the sign to spell it)— adaptable, compassionate, oversensitive, genuine, indecisive, wishy-washy, escapist, imaginative, devoted, accepting, lazy, and so on. My sign also matches up perfectly with my INTP myers-briggs personality which I’m pretty certain is completely accurate. (If you’re interested in personality trait tests and such, the myers briggs has been dead on with everyone I know who has taken it. You can check out this book or a number of other books or sites on it.— I mean really, INTP? Me? Yes. Completely I mean, the relationship part, other than lacking schedule and boundaries as a parent, is dead on).  
ANYWAY, I digress. Back to my point, the retrograde is here. (ismercuryinretrograde?) You can think I’m crazy, I’m sure many have already closed this post or are shaking your head at my absurdity. And I get it, I’m not taking it personal (I more than anyone know how ridiculous I can be)… but when your car breaks down, your computer crashes for the first time, and you crack a phone you’ve never broken for the two years of owning it all in the same week of being frustrated with all relationships and communications around you… then you start to wonder, is this all astrology crap or can and will the turn or pace of planets circulating with earth affect my life?

….maybeeeee. Who knows, I don’t.

Fact, fiction, jokes aside, what I do know is that in the next few weeks, I plan on trying to fix and work on existing things in my life. I’ve already started by cleaning up and refreshing my work room this weekend—- I’m also restarting old projects (I mean, I always have a 100 open anyway, I should probably get to those, huh?), trying to reconnect and focus on old friends, working on old habits that I’ve been kicking around since grade school— like replacing my anxious and boredom skin picking with something else– yuck), and maybe not fully detoxing, but focusing more on my gut since I had to cut my last detox short due to my ovaries hating me. Pretty easy right? A few weeks focused basically completely on maximizing minimizing and renewal. I always like to start my year focusing on (whoa flashback) renewal anyway (don’t we all?) but this year, I plan on jumping up and maximizing BEFORE the year comes to an end. What they say (whoever they is) you’re not supposed to do in the retrograde: start new projects, deal with large matters or money, sign contracts, and make deals, fuss with electronics, take miscommunications or missed dates personally, and more… basically all things new, contractual, or seriously communicative should wait. Other than a fun project I wanted to start up this week, I’m a-okay with all of that. So instead of hiding my in bed for the next few weeks and waiting for the retrograde to get me (no one really does that, right), I plan on using this time as a push and start point to revive. I mean, it seems like the perfect time, right? So, whether you believe it and/or it’s real or not….. happy mercury retrograde, friends. Let’s not start new, but refresh

*the second photo is just so weird, but even the sun spots from the window are perfect for the off-start of this morning. we’re booger wiping and telling monkey-butt jokes up there. ridiculous, but I love it. 
*my shirt HERE m’s dress: vintage-thrifted 


  1. Today I was remembering this post… and remember thinking: hmmm, I totally believe in this shit, but what could actually go awry in my life this week?
    ahhhh! and a few days later I had bernadette (6 weeks early!!!) GEEEEEZZZzzzz! so crazy.

    from now on when people ask, do you know why she came so early? I am going to answer "mercury was in retrograde"

  2. After I read this I can't help but to think about it and attribute it to my car's tire being flat and having to get a new one! I think I'm turning into a believer!

  3. Hi! I think you are infp or enfp and Alex is istp? I love personality types and have been studying myers Briggs for a while.

    • Hi! Last two times I took the test, I was an INTP…. but YES, Alex is an ISTP! haha.

  4. I don't believe everything when it comes to astrology, but I do believe in this retrograde stuff. Don't mess with the universe, man! Be careful and be productive!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  5. Yep! Computer crashed for the first time yesterday and am in the middle of a very unclear breakup. Poo!

  6. Ha, well maybe the retrograde decided it was going to throw me a whirlwind a little bit earlier than everyone else! I'm in your boat — I don't really believe any of it, but it's interesting to take into consideration. Who knows, but I like the idea of taking the time to refresh on things going on in our lives.

    • maybe this time will cancel the last time out and my stuck CD will come OUT of my disc drive. I'm going to hope for that. And I feel you on the 3 week long pms. I feel you.

  7. noooooo. no no no. oh my. this morning, when I had several websites all not working properly, I thought "could it be?" but I felt like the last one was so soon. and I have multiple contracts sitting in my inbox waiting to be signed haha crap. oh well, at least there are all the positives 🙂

    • dude though, totally. let's hang out and celebrate it soon. maybe.

  8. I kind of don't get comparing astrology to the myers-briggs personality test. Astrology is based on when you were born- and seems very arbitrary to people who don't believe in it. The M-B test is merely a description of your personality based on your answers to a very extensive list of questions. It seems very accurate if you answer it honestly, because you proved the results. All the Myers-Briggs test does is analyze your answers. These seem really different to me.

    • I'm not comparing the two, sorry if that was confusing. I pointed out I consider astrology to be whatever but that the myers briggs is a personality test that I feel is accurate. They are totally different things, I'm just trying to random side note that the personality traits listed as a Pisces matches up perfectly with my traits listed as an INTP.