mr bacon and monsieur tofu finally fell in love

I’m just so in love with the easy days. We’ve been spending more time at home, at friends homes, enjoying the company of fun people, cooking more, and just getting out of our sometimes more hermit-y ways. We headed to my brothers house the other day, it was my first real day of feeling human again. The pool was chilly for me (probably warmer than most northern pools though— I like a bath water pool), but the weather was perfect and even more perfect in the shade. We brought over homemade dough and sauce and made dinner outside, in the perfect weather, by the pool. What a dream to have an outdoor kitchen— it makes me itchy to go back here, to our honeymoon. Sometimes, on the real easy and no fuss days, where time is spent cooking and being outdoors— it almost feels like we’re back there, in paradise. I’m realizing that here, beachside, or where ever it is we are, it can all feel like paradise, just by taking days one at a time, and enjoying the simplicity. 
Speaking of feeling human again, thanks guys. The yucky stuff going on? It’s getting better. Each day, better and better. I can’t ever send out enough thank you’s to this community. Thanks for being here.  


  1. Reading this makes me want to move to Florida.
    I wanted to ask if you have been tested for a gluten intolerance. Some of the problems you have could be caused by gluten.
    Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. What lovely photos, it looks like paradise indeed. So glad you are feeling better and better. Feeling grotty all the time is horrid. I like bathwater pools as well, it is torture to get into cold water I think! And yet they still make me do it.

  3. Looks like a lovely day! And that marble toy- I remember that so well from when I was little! Do they still sell those? I would love to get one for my boyfriend's daughter. If you recently purchased it please share 🙂

  4. Enjoy your easy days; their memory always helps get through the not-so-easy ones. From where I sit, they look beautiful, serene, and full of love.