time to decorate.

we finally framed our first wedding photo to display in our house. Of course we both decided a picture of our feet would be best to represent our small suprise-ish wedding 🙂

all day long, even currently.

all night long.

I babysat these dogs all week. I’m looking forward to a deep cleaning of my floors and now more appreciative of the quiet in my home.

In one week, it’ll be 6 months of marriage. Am I doing the math right? That’s crazy.
We picked these awesome little works of art up in mexico.

french fry dates. could life get any more awesome for a three year old?

when in doubt, donuts.

sweet sweet thoughtful and fun butterfly themed birthday gifts from friends.

clean up.



and good mornings.


  1. Oh geez, we have three dogs all the time 🙂 Luckily they're all older dogs, so we do have some quiet times.

    • I hear you. I had two dogs (jerry was on of them— the other was a young pitbull mix) and two cats before. It was always a zoo. His dogs had farting issues— my house smells much better this week 🙂

  2. Aaaww that photo of her looking sweetly at her father is too endearing. And she's a great block-builder! 🙂

  3. Envious of those shelves! My fiance and I might use your wedding for the model for ours. I don't want to invite anyone (except maybe my dad, and his parents). His mom, however would love a huge to-do.

  4. I so love these little peaks into your life. Marlowe is absolutely precious! My husband and I are close to 6 months, as well… SO wild! How can it have been that long? Or that short? Either way… lol


    • you know, i found out this week that I'm either really bad at math (I am) or really bad at paying attention (sometimes)…. it's 5 months today. haha. Happy 6 ish to you guys!

  5. I love all of these photos, but especially the "when in doubt" one…the way M is looking at her Daddy is just beautiful.

    Huge hugs on this Monday morning, lady! xoxo