1. I’ll be honest, more times than not there is no leftover “cheesy sauce” when I make mac and cheese. I can’t help it, I like a lot of sauce. I could eat the sauce by itself… with or without pasta and with or without a spoon. BUT sometimes I like to make a bigger batch to either add on top of next days mac and cheese or to freeze it (with or without the pasta already mixed in) for another day. (yes, it’s a VERY easy freezer meal!). Well, the last time I made a batch, there wasn’t really enough extra sauce to freeze so I opted to use it on a quesadilla. It took the place of fake (or real) cheese and kicked it’s ass. Brilliance, right? Totally. I’ll be doing more of this. 
2. I made garlic bread soup the other day, minus the bread, plus some kale (well, we had the bread on this side). The next day we were running low on food and I realized I used up a lot of veggies in the soup and for dinner… including our most important: tomatoes and garlic (cry!)…. so I opted to use the leftover soup (with a few added veggies) as a base for my rice and beans. Bam, easy rice and beans that are already seasoned. I just added a touch of cumin to the mix to finish off the seasoning. 
3. I have to say, I was maybe most impressed with this idea. Eggplant mashed potatoes to a creamy corn and sweet potato chowder (there were also carrots and onions, potatoes, and things). Every second of tasting along the way, I was like “whoa I am awesome using up all these things in my fridge. Marlowe is going to love this stuff!” and guess what, she did, I did, and the leftovers we were sick of: gone. 
I hope you guys like these leftover postings of mine. You’ll notice more times than not, something comes from soup or turns into soup… well, because it’s the easiest and most sensible thing to do. Soup tastes better the next day anyway… so there’s really no excuse to waste it 🙂 I know I get (really) upset wasting food, so it’s always a fun challenge to see what I can come up with in the kitchen… and I hope you guys enjoy it too! 
Also, for the first time…maybe ever…. Alex has tomorrow (friday) and saturday off. It’s like magic! (Especially after yesterdays post!) So random, but oh so awesome! I’m looking forward to a potential evening alone with Alex that doesn’t start after midnight 🙂 
Have a happy, carefree, and waste-free weekend, friends! 
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  1. ahhh awesome! we do this all the time. Last week I did the mash potato to soup thing for the first time actually! I just had a ton to use up and let my butternut squash soup get a little too thin- bam! back to thick and creamy. love your food posts, can't wait to be a part of the new series 🙂 xo

  2. I like the idea of using soup as a base for rice the next day. I have to cook for a hi-meat/lo-carb guy and admit, I kind of am jealous of you being able to make whatever you want most nights. Now, I wouldn't want to have it be as often as 6x weekly, but sometimes I just make my own thing because I want veggies and noodles or rice and beans.

    • yeah, once I got over the loneliness of having a toddler as my dinner date every night, I kind of enjoyed the fact that dinner was easy 🙂

    • lots and lots of nutritional yeast. Also, when I remember, a supplement (but that's almost never)

  3. We decided to replace the flowers in our front bed with tomato plants this year – and have been drowning in 'maters as a result. That soup of yours? A favorite – we've made it at least three or four times this Summer.

    And speaking as a girl who, up until recently**, was married to a busy, busy DC-area chef: Holy cow! Enjoy your weekend together!

    (** Still married to the same guy, that is. He just switched careers.)

    • our up and coming tomato plants just got scorched to death— if only they had stuck around for another week they could have felt a breeze. I'm looking forward to being buried in them 🙂

      and hahaha. I like the note 🙂

  4. I love that you hate wasting food. I will be checking in more for ideas! I am just starting to sort of learn how to Cook…

  5. I like to make lots of soup here too. It's always lovely to make it from things from the garden and allotment, and to make sure that nothing is wasted. Hope you all have a good weekend Drea.

  6. Have the most amazing family time, guys!
    We're off to celebrate a birthday of this little girl of mine. xc