Some of you may of noticed, over the past year or so I’ve been slowly updating some of my older recipes. Like, my mac and cheese, potato leek soup, and lentil fritters—- ones from when my blog was just a few months old! When I originally posted most of them, I was living in my smaller space with a tiny and (very!) dark kitchen and my photos (especially photos of my chickpea patties) were…. gross? Okay, maybe thats exaggerating, but they were pretty awful. But regardless, the patties? Delicious.
For lunch yesterday Alex and I made chickpea patties (for the first time ever together?!) and I decided to take a few new photographs of them. Even despite the crummy pictures, I’ve had GREAT feedback on this recipe, which is…. great! Good to know whether I have a food photographer on my hands or I have my dark lit kitchen, the food will speak for itself. (I definitely don’t have a food photographer. And I’m obviously not one. But, if anyone wants to come and be one…. I can feed you ;). Years later, the recipe is the same (which is surprising, since I change my recipes all the time)—-but I did however update the recipe post, in putting better measurements and what I think are (hopefully) more clear cooking instructions. I’ve had a few questions here and there on tips on how to perfect the egg-free patty without it falling apart… and well, I think this update will surely help!
More times than not, I’ll eat these patties with a salad, but they’re still great on a bun with some spicy mayo too! (mmmmm spicy mayo).
You can find the original, updated chickpea patty recipe: HERE.
And for the salad is simply…
mix greens (arugula and radish tops)
fresh herbs (dill, parsley and cilantro)
thinly sliced red onion
thinly sliced green onion
thinly sliced cucumber
pomegranate seeds
and small cut hass avocado in a large bowl.
-toss it all together with olive oil, white wine vinegar and sprinkle of salt and pepper. serve with warm chickpea patties and voila, a perfect healthy lunch! :)Happy eating!

*Also, when we sat down and started eating, Alex looked over and said “I could eat this everyday, fyi.” I mean, my pork and egg loving jewban is all about them, so yeah, I’m impressed too 😉


  1. Oh yum! That sounds terrific. Thanks for the recipe. Have you ever had Farinata? It's a chickpea pizza / flatbread. So easy and also delish.

  2. Oh, that sounds great. Have you ever had Farinata (chickpea pizza / flatbread)? It's yummy, too. And crazy easy.

  3. These are my kids and mine favorite lazy Sunday lunch, thanks so much for the recipe- gross pictures and all. 🙂

  4. I always think your food photos are brilliant. Always such energy and colour – there is love in your food I think.

  5. We love these still too drea – your new pictures are great. I make a fish burger and use bicarb of soda not egg to bind it, it really works – maybe it would work in the chickpea patty too? I'll have to give it a go and let you know xx

  6. i made these and loved them a few months back, based on your recipe with the old photos and all 🙂 the new ones are beautiful, though!

    • haha thank you 🙂 I'm glad you liked them!
      I'm happy I took new photos. The old ones seriously make me cringe. I did not like that kitchen at all!