About a week or two ago there was a shift in this house— or more specifically, about a day before the retrograde hit. This little one (the cute one up there^), she took a turn for the worst. I mean, I say “worst”, but I know very well that she’s still not that bad.  Regardless, some days, parenting has been on the challenging side. It seems all parents agree that at two OR three, it hits: a terrible stage. Two was easy as pie for us. Three, well, call it a stage, or being a “threenager” or whatever you want to call it, but whatever it is, it’s been a bit harder lately. I’m not mad or upset, I completely and totally understand that this stage is part of her growing life.  She’s only been in this world for three short years. She’s figuring out her boundaries, her own wants vs needs, and especially, her own emotions. And I’m figuring out how to have grace in it all. This patience thing, it’s a newer thing for me. I mean, I’ve always wanted/needed it (we all do), and I’ve worked towards having it, but only now, in the past three years can I really call myself a patient person.
I’ve been working hard to keep my cool through the toddler meltdowns. I’m figuring out what will be best, how she will learn, how my reaction will affect hers, and how we can both stay happiest, without giving up what we both want and need. We’re both learning. Between the late sleepless nights, the crying, and whatever the hell  else we’ve had to deal with in her lifetime (and right before), I know the past three years have worked me up to this point. And now, like when I struggled through the baby months, we’re taking it one day at a time. Some days are good to great. And some days it’s a matter of taking a few extra big breaths in and out, while we wait for her to regain her emotional footing.
We picked up a sewing kit this past week. It’s been really nice practicing patience, while teaching her something new. We’ve been working on paying attention to emotions, taking things slowly, and details, without needing perfection. There’s no rush here— in and out, forward and forward, finding and keeping that happy place. Even on her emotional days, I’m happy to be here with her….. and learning more patience through and with her. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I was just reading an article about how the move from infancy to toddlerhood can be challenging and why (LO is 14 months). This was helpful. You are such an inspiring mother.

  2. "I know the past three years have worked me up to this point." <– this is what I always tell myself lately. Every stage in life prepares us for the next, whatever our age. Working on patience together is a wonderful way to teach her, and yourself. My daughter and I love doing yoga together and when we (she) gets frustrated and wants to scream, we practice "bunny breathing" – she loves it and it really really works. Good luck to you, although it appears you'll be just fine 😉

  3. I'm a nanny for two 8 month olds, and while it's not nearly the same as being a mother, the last 4 months working with them has done wonders for my patience. I've found that babies really are like dogs and they can totally sense your mood!

  4. we breezed through the twos. i thought they were a joke. now the threes were a different story. actually, my oldest son was kind of a brat from age 3-5. :-/

  5. Just when we think we're teaching them something, they always have a way of turning the tables. I'm struggling with patience a little, too. I think we all are. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You're a great momma. This is a ridiculous time in a child's life and it's so hard for them to figure things out! I love that you're there to guide her and be there for her. I think that's what I loved most when I was teaching preschool–those opportunities to observe kids during this stage of development and provide love and firmness, too. Good luck with all of that sewing!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  7. i teach little ones (5 year olds) and i must say that a sewing kit for this is a brilliant idea! i definitely think that will help her with patience and help her to relax and focus more. seems like you're handling this stage very well too!

  8. Oh I am so with you on this one.
    My daughter has been that same way for last 3 or 4 months.
    She's two now, so it all makes sense.
    It's not fun, and definitely a patience builder.
    I 100% rely on God to help get me past those huuge meltdowns that drive me nuts.
    But all in all, I'm thankful to have my little girl.
    I know exactly what you mean.

    Love your little flower creation! Super cute!

  9. love this! my threenager is a delight still, perhaps he will be a fournager. sewing with my 6 year old at the moment, making a pencil case…it's a long lesson in patience x